Saturday, April 12, 2008

Astrology... Do you believe??

So I'm a Scorpio... and my horoscopes are usually dead on. In the freaky is someone stalking me sort of way. Now don't worry.. I'm not one of those must read what the stars say before i can leave my house in the morning... but occasionally I do pick it up to look. And when i do if its an old one, it usually is spot on... and if its for current of future.. well that can either scare the shit out of me or give me something to look forward to. So in a boredom buster today i logged onto The site for Lifetime TV... yes thats right I'm a sucker for their movies. So the site has lots of cool, funny things to read, look at or do. One of which was an astrology section. And being that I had not looked in a while I decided to click.

Now the financial section... hah.. that was totally a page out of my checkbook.. and trust me right now that is NOT a good thing.. so I'm not going to talk about that. then there was a love/romance section. Just for poops and giggles I'm not going to tell you what that said either... Why you ask?? Because I'm thinking along the same line it says and i don't want to jinx anything. So yes.. it was very good. Then there was a 2008 at a glance section. This is the one that got me. The couple sections on times already past this year were right on. Then there was allot about whats to come, times to look forward to, and times to look out for. Then there was the last section. One or two sentences........ and wow.. here they are:

2008 may not have the up-and-down drama of recent years,
but after all the aggravation you've been through, it's doubtful you'll miss it.

OH MY GOD... if any of you are faithful readers of mine.. yes okay when i have time to post.... I pooped my pants! Okay well not literally cause eww that would be really really disgusting! Anyway.. the past 1 1/2 to 2 years... yea not highlights of mine. Lots of crap and lots of bad crap. So I was like.. omg.. thank god!! A light... i see a little light!!

Now call me corny if you will... but if you are a person who happens to have your horoscope be more often right than wrong... thats a pretty good year overview right!!


Lainey-Paney said...

I don't necessarily believe in my horoscope, but I think it's fun to read them occasionally.

Tracy said...

Hey, I think that if it can give you hope, BELIEVE!
I have been reading your blog since your very first post and I hope that this is true for you! You need a break from the drama! Good luck.