Sunday, December 30, 2007

So so sorry all

So I knew it had been awhile but seriously... 19 days since I last blogged! Don't ask me how I have survived for goodness sakes. I'm sorry to whoever got the bitching out lol... SO whats happened.. Christmas was great.... And hard. I love seeing the wonder on the kids face but I'm so happy its over.

Fred gave me some memorable quotes.. I have officially been "Duh'd" by my 4 1/2 year old.. that was one for the books. He opened up a pirate ship with Captains and was so amazed he proclaimed loudly.. "Holy Shoot!!" To which I said.. we should not say that again dear. We were at my dads Christmas and Fred came down holding his new shirt out saying it was wet.. it was just a little splatter but with a boy you never know.. so I asked.. How did your shirt get wet? He replied : Because I was washing my hands Me thinking uh-oh: Why were you washing your hands? Fred: cause I was touching my Pee-Pee! (said very matter of factly) Me: OH! Um.. and why were you touching your pee-pee (as if I want to know) Fred: Cause I was going potty (said with a duh kind of tone) lol. kids gotta love em.

Boyfriend.. who has yet to be blog named .. and I are still going strong. Definite possibilities there for the future... but you know.. one step at a time. We just went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets last night.. was very good. Yes there were a couple predictable parts, yes it was no Indiana Jones.. but I loved it and so did he. For Christmas I got him a packers desk calendar, a pair of totally cute boxers with Santa hats, and a redneck dictionary as a joke so that he can make fun of his friends back in Missouri. He got me candles, heart candle holders, and a set with lotions, cuticle creams, body oils etc.

Dick.. ehh.. whats to be said.. hes still Dick. I think he was doing really nice and then found out from his lawyer that I am entitled to part of his bi-yearly bonus... which is all his own fault. I mean if he had not been threatening to sue me then i wouldn't have gone to talk to my lawyer, and I never would have realized that I was not getting something for the kids I was entitled too!!

My mom and I went to Geneva spur of the moment today and it was such a blast! We ran into a leggings sale that was amazing.. and since my dear Freida has no but to hold up pants this was a good thing. You laugh but she is 3 years and almost 3 months.. and wears 12 month skirts, and shorts. pants have to be 2T but they must have adjustable waistbands and belt loops... and even then require constant readjusting!! Oh and I had the most horrible Starbucks coffee drink of my life! no seriously.. like it could have raised the dead.. and not in a its so good kind of way!

I think thats it.. working allot, shopping some but not allot, catching up on sleep, being with boyfriend and spending time with family and friends. I had a great Christmas and i hope all you did too!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the question

So this morning we dropped Fred of at school and Freida and i were waiting at a stop light. Two snow plows drove by and she asks "Mommy.. why did those trucks have kitty litter stuffs in them?" i laughed so hard.. so I explained to her about salt trucks.. but it was totally adorable!

Back to the date. I am going to see where it goes. I think I was unsure if I would see him again because I was so awkward. But Ive come to realize that it was not awkward Bad.. just awkward unknown. I mean Dick was my first everything and I haven't actually DATED that many guys since. So going out with someone that you don't know and that doesn't know me is a little strange. He actually came over last night after kids were long past asleep and we sat and talked for a couple hours then he went home. It was nice. The thing is I'm not sure if the attraction is there. But I'm giving it a chance and well see where it goes. Hey after all whats the worse that can happen? I can spend a couple weeks having fun?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Date

SO last night I went on a date. Yes I know calm down... me ... on a date!!! lol. I'm not a member of this dating site but I have a profile So i can look every once in a while and even send limited correspondence if I so choose. Well a guy sent me a comment, and I sent one back and we ended up talking on the phone. We have allot in common, we laughed CONSTANTLY. One of the things we had in common was liking wine. So he asked if I wanted to meet last night to go to a wine tasting. I found a sitter and was waiting for him to call to confirm that I did found a sitter. He called and said he had an idea.. although a wine tasting would be fun .. maybe we should wait to go till next time since you couldnt talk much. He wanted to go to Naperville for dinner and then for desert to a place that serves chocolate fondue. Are you kidding.. that was a great idea I said! And he was right.. better to talk.

So we went to Mongolian grill which I had never been to before and it was great! I will admit I was a little nervous when I saw bins on the salad bar type set up full of raw meat of different varieties. but it was really good. and fun to watch them make. I got a drink, he got a beer, and we ate.. using chopsticks at first then both switching to forks after a while. Then we brought the glass his beer came in to the car. It was this big mug that was really nice and if you brought it back refills were dirt cheap. So then we went back and walked down to the fondue place. it was so much fun! He opened all the doors for me, was so polite, paid for everything.

At first I was not sure if I would see him again. But I came to the realization that we have allot in common, he was funny and it was fun. I think it was just nerves since i really have not been on too many dates. and I was comparing things about him which come on.. you cant do . he will not be the same as anyone else. So I talked to him again today already. And i decided I will see him a couple more times and see how it goes. He is funny, a single dad, has a great job, we have allot in common... and come on.. hes a packers fan!! lol... So I'm chalking last night up to nerves and going from there. Well see!

Friday, December 7, 2007


So wed I went home sick from work, much to my horror. No sick days left since using all for divorce things... So rested up and went to work on Thursday feeling GREAT! i was thrilled as I could NOT afford to have another day off work... let alone allot for the flu! So yesterday i was giving a patient some instructions for after surgery and amid my second sentences she stopped me. She stopped me to say: "I want to tell you that you are very good at your job." Me.. a bit shocked and shy said Thank you.. that means allot to me. "No really.. i don't know if people tell you that every day but they should. You held my hand, helped me with my breathing, distracted me, noticed I wasn't feeling well before I said anything. I was terrified and you made it amazingly better." I was flabbergasted! It was such an amazing thing to be told. And you know i LOVE my job. I love going home and knowing that I helped someone feel better that day. I never knew I would have an interest in the health care field.... Although my mom did tell me when I was little that I should be a pediatrician. And now that I'm typing this before I left on Wed to go home.. a dad came back in to tell me thank you for keeping his daughter distracted... it helped alot. He came back in to tell me thank you. It felt great. You know... little things like that.. no mater how bad your day or week is.... make it all okay and doable.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Assumptions from today

There is a reason I've put off cleaning my oven for so long.... I mean seriously... shake, apply.. let sit TWO hours!?!??!?! come on... I mean I dont even remember what it was that spilled any more but since its been a little over an hour and I just tried and it was not all coming offf.. guh.. to smell so strongly it should really REALLY work faster!

I hate Small Kitchens! I had a large beautiful one in our house! come to think of it I've had a large one in all but my very first apartment. and even that one wasn't to shabby. But here.. I cant stand it. closed it small small small... its horrible to keep clean and yea I know it is an easy way out.. but you know... if you don't see it why keep it clean??

So if that is the fact it could technically go for the laundry room too right??? right!!! .. oh I hope so.

I love my kidos.. seriously... I could not LIVE without them.... Sure there are bad times, stressful times, times you just wish they would GO TO SLEEP!!! but you know.. over all... They are darn cute. and I love them to death. I would literally DIE to keep them safe and happy.

cell phone batteries.. no batteries in general.. they die to damn fast!

and yea.. same goes for lightbulbs.