Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the question

So this morning we dropped Fred of at school and Freida and i were waiting at a stop light. Two snow plows drove by and she asks "Mommy.. why did those trucks have kitty litter stuffs in them?" i laughed so hard.. so I explained to her about salt trucks.. but it was totally adorable!

Back to the date. I am going to see where it goes. I think I was unsure if I would see him again because I was so awkward. But Ive come to realize that it was not awkward Bad.. just awkward unknown. I mean Dick was my first everything and I haven't actually DATED that many guys since. So going out with someone that you don't know and that doesn't know me is a little strange. He actually came over last night after kids were long past asleep and we sat and talked for a couple hours then he went home. It was nice. The thing is I'm not sure if the attraction is there. But I'm giving it a chance and well see where it goes. Hey after all whats the worse that can happen? I can spend a couple weeks having fun?


Tracy said...

What the heck? I miss a couple days of internet due to migraine and you have a date?????
Well, I'm so very proud of you for taking that first step. Even if it doesn't turn into a huge long relationship, it's the start to so many wonderful things!
Good luck!

Lainey-Paney said...

hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas!