Sunday, December 30, 2007

So so sorry all

So I knew it had been awhile but seriously... 19 days since I last blogged! Don't ask me how I have survived for goodness sakes. I'm sorry to whoever got the bitching out lol... SO whats happened.. Christmas was great.... And hard. I love seeing the wonder on the kids face but I'm so happy its over.

Fred gave me some memorable quotes.. I have officially been "Duh'd" by my 4 1/2 year old.. that was one for the books. He opened up a pirate ship with Captains and was so amazed he proclaimed loudly.. "Holy Shoot!!" To which I said.. we should not say that again dear. We were at my dads Christmas and Fred came down holding his new shirt out saying it was wet.. it was just a little splatter but with a boy you never know.. so I asked.. How did your shirt get wet? He replied : Because I was washing my hands Me thinking uh-oh: Why were you washing your hands? Fred: cause I was touching my Pee-Pee! (said very matter of factly) Me: OH! Um.. and why were you touching your pee-pee (as if I want to know) Fred: Cause I was going potty (said with a duh kind of tone) lol. kids gotta love em.

Boyfriend.. who has yet to be blog named .. and I are still going strong. Definite possibilities there for the future... but you know.. one step at a time. We just went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets last night.. was very good. Yes there were a couple predictable parts, yes it was no Indiana Jones.. but I loved it and so did he. For Christmas I got him a packers desk calendar, a pair of totally cute boxers with Santa hats, and a redneck dictionary as a joke so that he can make fun of his friends back in Missouri. He got me candles, heart candle holders, and a set with lotions, cuticle creams, body oils etc.

Dick.. ehh.. whats to be said.. hes still Dick. I think he was doing really nice and then found out from his lawyer that I am entitled to part of his bi-yearly bonus... which is all his own fault. I mean if he had not been threatening to sue me then i wouldn't have gone to talk to my lawyer, and I never would have realized that I was not getting something for the kids I was entitled too!!

My mom and I went to Geneva spur of the moment today and it was such a blast! We ran into a leggings sale that was amazing.. and since my dear Freida has no but to hold up pants this was a good thing. You laugh but she is 3 years and almost 3 months.. and wears 12 month skirts, and shorts. pants have to be 2T but they must have adjustable waistbands and belt loops... and even then require constant readjusting!! Oh and I had the most horrible Starbucks coffee drink of my life! no seriously.. like it could have raised the dead.. and not in a its so good kind of way!

I think thats it.. working allot, shopping some but not allot, catching up on sleep, being with boyfriend and spending time with family and friends. I had a great Christmas and i hope all you did too!!


Tracy said...

I'm glad you've come back! I've missed you!
It sounds like you had a really great Christmas! I'm so happy to hear that you and boyfriend who is yet to be named are going strong! I knew it would happen for you.
And the quotes from Fred are great. I'm guessing that the peepee thing is something I have to look forward to.

Lainey-Paney said...

glad you had a happy Christmas!!!!