Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My New year

So I don't need to make a new years resolution this year... if i did it would be to go crazy this year!! But.. I did go crazy on Dec 31, 2007 Through Jan 1, 2008. In my little two bedroom apartment... I went crazy. All the way, totally and completely! Why you ask? Juicy you say it sounds? Want all the gory details? It was me.. and 3 boys and 3 girls. P-A-R-T-YYYY like a rock star.. all the way.. cough cough... okay so it was me in my little apartment with my two kids, Gigi's son, and my two nieces and nephew. Thats right 6 kids and just little old me. Lol. I must have gone crazy right?? It was fun though.. Gigis son came over and him and Fred and Freida put on Happy new Year necklaces, drank sparkling grape juice from mini margarita glasses, ate pizza rolls and alphabet spaghetti o's. They thought they were gods! Then the other kids arrived and they ran crazy for about 10 minutes.. then I said okay heres the plan. I put Rattatouille on and made pop corn with extra butter and grape kool aid. Every one took a seat on the couch, put blankets on , snuggled down and watched a movie and ate popcorn and cookies. They actually sat still for a long part of the movie.. then got up and played quietly on the living room floor while watching the movie. then came bed time.. i know.. everyone reading this just grimaced. Gigi's son went down first as i knew he would have to be asleep before anyone got there. He went down in the playpen at the end of my bed. Then in the kids room I tried to put my niece to sleep but she hasnt stayed anywhere but her house pretty much so she wanted sissy. So before long it was time anyway. I put Fred and my nephew in my bed. Then put My two nieces in the bottom bunk of the kids room, and Freida in the top bunk. And waited. And went fromt he couch to one room, to the other, to the other, and back.. lol. About 10:30 everyone had fallen asleap (or so I thought) and you have to figure... six kids in a strange house, not used to sleeping together, not bad even if you did start at 7:30 right? but then i knew I heared my son talking so i went to calm him down. He is used to having a night light and I had no extra to put in that room.. and i couldnt just take it away from the girls. So i went to calm him down... to discover he had gotten in the bed with the baby and woke him up!! UUGGHH.. so i dragged him out of there and put the baby back to bed. I ended up on the couch sleeping with fred who at 4 1/2 is all elbows and knees. Of course after forcing him to stay still for less than 3 minutes he was O-U-T. So once he started snoring I picked him up and put him in the bed. Ahhh.. I layed down to go to sleep .. on my couch.. under a little blanket (as opposed to my nice euro-top queen bed with extra fluffy comforter) only to be woken up at midnight by the crazy antics of my neighbors screaming happy new year. gee.. Thanks.. glad i know. So woke up to realize that Fred had apparently woken up and came back out here and fallen asleep on me. So I got up to go to the bathroom, then came out and layed on the other couch and slept till kids woke me up at 6:30. We had a doughnut buffet gracias to Gigi. Then they played for a few hours till their parents came to get them. And then i exhaled.. lol. it was fun though, but would I do it again? I don't know.. maybe. but not next year.. OH NO. I figure i've paid my debt I should have NO problem finding a babysitter next year So me and boyfriend (please suggest a name) can go out!


Diane said...

I think I'd have to rename this one to: 14 feet into the new year!!

Truly amazing and will put you up one giant step in your babysitting mojo books.

Jenster said...

Holy moly! What a New Year's Eve. It does sound like fun, but not one I'd want to do every year, either.

A name. Hm. I always like to talk about Juan, the pool boy. Or Renaldo. Anything Latin sounds fiery and sexy. LOL

Slackermommy said...

Wow. Interesting night you had.

Happy New Year!