Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Okay so this came to me via email but it was soooo great and soooo wrong on so many levels that I just HAD to share it with all of you...

Breaking News:
CNN reports that gas stations will start showing PORN movies on the
screens of the pumps so that you can see someone else get screwed at
the same time you do.: !!

On the upside I only paid 3.99 a gallon when I filled up this morning.. yea I know grossss. But hey everyone needs a little porn now and then right!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The cutest thing ever

So kole was just out on the porch and brought in a flower (that had fallen out of the hanging pot) while saying "I'm bringing you a flower mommy" So he brings me the flower and as hes walking away says "I brought you a flower so I'ms going to marry my mommy" What I ask??? He says again that He's going to marry me... when I ask what he means he says " Well I love you mama and I bring you flowers and I kiss you ... so that means I'm going to marry you.. thats what it means." OMG could it be any cuter than that seriously!! So as I was talking to my guy (who i'm not really sure I've told you all exists) online he asked if I was going to set him strait or let him go with it i said "We'll I'm pretty sure that at 5 he means I love you mama.... So yea I'm gonna let him go with it cause its impossibly cute!"

Oh and my kids usually go to bed at 8 pm. So last night with Koles friend over Kas finally conked out at 9pm. and about 9:30 the little friend started balling saying that he missed his mom and wanted to go home. so I called his mom and she came to get him. In the meantime this made Kole very upset so he started balling which in turn woke up Kassie... so both were up till almost 10 pm in the end.. guh.. but hey they took a really great nap!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What on earth was I thinking??

So today is a first.. I had a delusional moment and asked my sons best friend from school if he could stay the night tonight. He was supposed to arrive at 4 and his mom called at 315 and said they were out and with gas was is okay if they brought him early while they were out.. so he has been here since 3:15... Kole is a very encouragable little 5 year old... especially with his best friend from school.. now add this to my 4 year old combined with the fact that his mom lets him say things that I would NEVER let my kids say.. and oye vay. Kole keeps doing things that he knows are not acceptable just to show off... like throwing a bucket full of cars off of our 2nd story balcony one by one so that i would not know. Or while i was going to the bathroom him sneaking them all outside to pick them up after i distinctly told him NOT to through the door. The friend has said: shut up, damn it, woosy boy, scum bag.. among others.. and that is only in four hours.. I still have to get through all of these kids.. okay only three.. getting to sleep. So pray for me all. pray for me.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

To much?

Is it to much to want to be loved?

Wholey, and completely. With ought restrictions. To have someone NEED me. To have some one love me for ME.. now who I was, who they want me to be, or who i could be... but just me. ME.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The meaning of life

Lets see.. how am I doing today... hmm.. well lets see if this sums it up:

The meaning of life: To have a million and one things to do but all that matters is the one thing you forgot to do.


The meaning of life: To have a million and one things to do but all that matters is the one thing that someone forgets to do.

Sorry gals.. not a cheery day today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Decision

So I made a decision a few weeks ago and didn't tell anyone. I decided to start looking into college. I never knew that I would have so much interest in the medical field. If i had I definitely would go back and get my CNA in high school like some of the girls did. I will say that for the past, i don't know, a little over a year I've had people constantly tell me that I should look into college for surgical nursing. We do some surgeries in office and some we send to the hospital or surgical center. In office we do things like ingrown toenails, wart removal, cyst removal, screw removal and revision of scars. I L-O-V-E it. Its insane the rush from being there watching it that I get. I've been told by people its not to late, i definitely missed my calling, I would be great at it. Everyone from co-workers to friends to doctors to patients. I've thought about it but frankly for the past year i feel like I am hanging on for dear life just to get through every single day.. how would I be able to add school?? Classes, homework, kids, working full time, house work AHAHAHH!! Yea right. Well.. I'm finally to a point where I fell .. well.. less like I'm going to slip off the cliff at any moment! So I decided to go to school about three weeks ago. Was looking for courses for surgical nursing. I couldnt find any locally enough for me right now.. but I did see from course lists that all had basically the same pre-requisites. So I decided to just start there. I had a day off, brought the kids to day care and went to our local community college. Got registered, took my placement tests, started financial aid paperwork, and went home to choose which class to take first. Unfortunately it ends up that the summer session has started. The early session started the day before I went there to sign up, the mid-summer online courses were all full, and there were no online courses in the late summer session!! AHH!! Are you kidding!?! So now I'm all signed up, but have to wait till August when the fall sessions start. Sigh. But then maybe the financial aid stuff will be done so it will work out for the best. It will take me forever with doing one class at a time.. but it will be worth it in the end!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The squish factor

So heres the big news... I"M A GIRL!!.. I know.. shocking right? But what I mean is that in some ways I am very very much a girly girl. So in that manor I will say there are some things I do NOT know how to do.... Change a flat tire, change the oil, wire my TIVO so I don't have to unplug it to watch my vcr, stop my washing machine from dripping... and know how how to comprehend electricity. Lets face it.. my electrical knowledge goes as far as this: turn the switch= light turns on... if this doesn't work check if the light is plugged in... if not call for help! So one of my things I am horrible at doing in a timely mater is to change light bulbs. Well one by one the lights in my crappy little bathroom went out. There is only one fixture in the room which is above the sink. Inside it holds four light bulbs. So I'm thinking awesome.. lights are going out means I wont see how cruddy my bathroom is right?? SCORE! However when the last one went out I was forced to change them. Now I knew to turn the switch to off, then I unscrewed the light bulbs. Looking at the end I see that the old bulbs were 60w bulbs. So I go to my utility boxes.. yes boxes because I have yet to hang the shelves that I have had for the utility room since I've only been here over a year now... Anyway.. i go to the boxes and see that I'm out of bulbs except for two packages.. awesome i have 4 bulbs just the amount I need!! So I look at the box. damn they are 90w bulbs... oh well that just means that it will be brighter. So I go in and put them in and put the cover back on. Damn i can see the bathroom good now.. shit the room is still shitty!! Oh well.. and on my merry way I go. Three days later I go in to use my deodorant (and before you ask I WAS using deodorant just the one in the hall closet that ran out).. I go to the bathroom and get out my stick of deodorant and lift my sleeve and go to rub it on applying normal deodorant worthy pressure. and... SQUISH!! I have about 1/4 stick of deodorant sloshed on my underarm. Ewww says it very well yes. So I get some toilet paper and wipe it off... and so as not to repeat the performance, use the toilet paper to apply some of the slop to my other underarm. You see it turns out that if you put 4 90w light bulbs above your medicine cabinet then leave the lights on.. it gets a tad bit warm. Go figure huh! Enough so to melt deodorant, cook moisturizer, mold plastic bags to cotton balls, and evaporate contact solution. So word to the wise for all you girls girls out there.... Use the correct wattage light bulbs even if you have to go one morning in the dark! Either that or keep a guy around to change them for you!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day

I would like to give a big shout out to all of my blogger mommy friends!!
I hope everyones day is extremely wonderful!

So we are sitting here eating the breakfast of champions... yes thats right PB&J... and the kids decide to get up and play cause they are done. Which all you moms know means don't throw it away cause they will be back in five minutes.... and today i just don't want to fight so I'm not pushing them to stay sitting till they are done! So Kassie gets up and is walking around and there is something black on the floor. looks kind of like a fuzzy. So I ask her what it is. She bends down squeezes it, touches it... and then picks it up and goes to put it back down. So i ask her to throw it away. On the way there she says "Its okay mommy.. Apollo's tail just got broke." our cat Apollo is striped black/gray.. lol... so she just assumed that his tail got broked and that was what the fuzzy was! lol.

So Koles birthday party was yesterday (his actual birthday was Wednesday). It was at the McDonald's in the next town which has a play land with tunnels. It was a fantastic stress fee venture I would recommend to any and all single moms who work full time. No stress before, no clean up after. And I think the actual party would have been no stress if we had a better host. However Jose could not handle 18 children.. could not talk over them.. could not give them direction.. and had no plan as to what to do when. So I ended up doing the whole middle of the party. But it was fun... His favorite gift was probably his camera from his Bah... who always has a camera in HER hand and is an amazing photographer. It is so cute to look at his pictures.. some are really great.. you can tell when his sister gets the camera cause they are all blurry. lol. Although I didn't think of all the pictures of me that there would be. like right now.. just woke up.. hair everywhere... mismatched pj's.. no bra. Yea you all get the picture... shudder.... Don't worry i am NOT posting those here!! lol

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh how true

A family member emailed me this and i just loved the truth to it!!

Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man, who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.

I pray he's gainfully employed,
When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed.
Pulls out my chair and opens my door,
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind,
Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind?'
I pray that this man will love me to no end,
And always be my very best friend.

I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs
who owns a liquor store and a golf course. This
doesn't rhyme and I don't give a crap.

Lol.. good news i finally have everything straightened out with AT&T so I will be on here more!! YEA!..
The bad news... I had Koles 5th birthday party today and am to damn tired to blog!! so heres the poem for you and I'll write again soon.. I Promise!!