Monday, May 12, 2008

The squish factor

So heres the big news... I"M A GIRL!!.. I know.. shocking right? But what I mean is that in some ways I am very very much a girly girl. So in that manor I will say there are some things I do NOT know how to do.... Change a flat tire, change the oil, wire my TIVO so I don't have to unplug it to watch my vcr, stop my washing machine from dripping... and know how how to comprehend electricity. Lets face it.. my electrical knowledge goes as far as this: turn the switch= light turns on... if this doesn't work check if the light is plugged in... if not call for help! So one of my things I am horrible at doing in a timely mater is to change light bulbs. Well one by one the lights in my crappy little bathroom went out. There is only one fixture in the room which is above the sink. Inside it holds four light bulbs. So I'm thinking awesome.. lights are going out means I wont see how cruddy my bathroom is right?? SCORE! However when the last one went out I was forced to change them. Now I knew to turn the switch to off, then I unscrewed the light bulbs. Looking at the end I see that the old bulbs were 60w bulbs. So I go to my utility boxes.. yes boxes because I have yet to hang the shelves that I have had for the utility room since I've only been here over a year now... Anyway.. i go to the boxes and see that I'm out of bulbs except for two packages.. awesome i have 4 bulbs just the amount I need!! So I look at the box. damn they are 90w bulbs... oh well that just means that it will be brighter. So I go in and put them in and put the cover back on. Damn i can see the bathroom good now.. shit the room is still shitty!! Oh well.. and on my merry way I go. Three days later I go in to use my deodorant (and before you ask I WAS using deodorant just the one in the hall closet that ran out).. I go to the bathroom and get out my stick of deodorant and lift my sleeve and go to rub it on applying normal deodorant worthy pressure. and... SQUISH!! I have about 1/4 stick of deodorant sloshed on my underarm. Ewww says it very well yes. So I get some toilet paper and wipe it off... and so as not to repeat the performance, use the toilet paper to apply some of the slop to my other underarm. You see it turns out that if you put 4 90w light bulbs above your medicine cabinet then leave the lights on.. it gets a tad bit warm. Go figure huh! Enough so to melt deodorant, cook moisturizer, mold plastic bags to cotton balls, and evaporate contact solution. So word to the wise for all you girls girls out there.... Use the correct wattage light bulbs even if you have to go one morning in the dark! Either that or keep a guy around to change them for you!!

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Tracy said...

I did not know that deoderant would melt. Go figure.
I had never understood why they would tell you what wattage to use in lights but then I melted a lampshade.
Some things you have to see for yourself before you understand.