Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh how true

A family member emailed me this and i just loved the truth to it!!

Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man, who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.

I pray he's gainfully employed,
When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed.
Pulls out my chair and opens my door,
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind,
Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind?'
I pray that this man will love me to no end,
And always be my very best friend.

I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs
who owns a liquor store and a golf course. This
doesn't rhyme and I don't give a crap.

Lol.. good news i finally have everything straightened out with AT&T so I will be on here more!! YEA!..
The bad news... I had Koles 5th birthday party today and am to damn tired to blog!! so heres the poem for you and I'll write again soon.. I Promise!!


Tracy said...

Great poem. Funny, but a lot of that does NOT pertain to my husband. haha!
Happy Mother's Day Pokey!

Pokey Puppy said...

thats why its what we SAY we want.. not what we end up with!! lol