Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day

I would like to give a big shout out to all of my blogger mommy friends!!
I hope everyones day is extremely wonderful!

So we are sitting here eating the breakfast of champions... yes thats right PB&J... and the kids decide to get up and play cause they are done. Which all you moms know means don't throw it away cause they will be back in five minutes.... and today i just don't want to fight so I'm not pushing them to stay sitting till they are done! So Kassie gets up and is walking around and there is something black on the floor. looks kind of like a fuzzy. So I ask her what it is. She bends down squeezes it, touches it... and then picks it up and goes to put it back down. So i ask her to throw it away. On the way there she says "Its okay mommy.. Apollo's tail just got broke." our cat Apollo is striped black/gray.. lol... so she just assumed that his tail got broked and that was what the fuzzy was! lol.

So Koles birthday party was yesterday (his actual birthday was Wednesday). It was at the McDonald's in the next town which has a play land with tunnels. It was a fantastic stress fee venture I would recommend to any and all single moms who work full time. No stress before, no clean up after. And I think the actual party would have been no stress if we had a better host. However Jose could not handle 18 children.. could not talk over them.. could not give them direction.. and had no plan as to what to do when. So I ended up doing the whole middle of the party. But it was fun... His favorite gift was probably his camera from his Bah... who always has a camera in HER hand and is an amazing photographer. It is so cute to look at his pictures.. some are really great.. you can tell when his sister gets the camera cause they are all blurry. lol. Although I didn't think of all the pictures of me that there would be. like right now.. just woke up.. hair everywhere... mismatched pj's.. no bra. Yea you all get the picture... shudder.... Don't worry i am NOT posting those here!! lol

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