Monday, March 31, 2008

Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified

Thats what PMAC stands for. aka.. you know... the letters behind my name!! So lets see.. whats new.. me and my man are doing very very well. There is allot of potential there i think. He has a great job, a house, and is really great. Unfortunately due to my schedule, his schedule, and the kids it is hard to get together but its nice too. It forces us to take it slow. Which you know.. you don't always want to do :) I was so down at work today and i have NO idea why!! nothings wrong!! and my co workers kept asking me what was wrong. I think I'm just tired.. who would know that four days in a luxury hotel in Chicago would be so tiring!! Well.. when i put it that way anyway... really i was VERY busy. I really love learning new things. I would have loved college.. and yes to all of you writing right now.. I do understand that its not to late.. but my life doesn't really allow time for it now and I don't want to sacrifice the little time I do have with the kids.. and hey I don't need it for my job after all.. I'm certified baby!! But I learned allot, had a great time, ate some great food, got my PMAC certificate.. so yea i guess that tired is allowed at this point!

On the down side my mom had a HORRIBLE time with the kids.. how bad you ask.. they were taken by pod people she says.. and she will never watch them again. I know.. OMG. And I know they were not feeling well.. but it is no excuse.. I'm trying to come up with a punishment.. cause they KNOW they were not acting in a way that was acceptable at all. When I asked "would you do that if mommy was here" and the answer is "No".. I know they knew they did wrong.. so I'm trying to think of something. They got a talking to when I got home but if they were bad enough for a grandma to say "I will NEVER watch them again.. and I'm serious Jess." that is so over the top that something must be done. Ideas welcome!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

the big bad test

well.. I PASSED>. I am officially... Jessica A (my last name), PMAC. DUDE>. how COOL is that.. i have letters after my freakin name!! The test was a serious bitch. it was three hours and 400 questions.... but i got a 96%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I aced a section, the others I got all 90's on and the other i got an 86% so i did damn good. so i'm freaking exhausted now so thats all i can do for today.. i'll tell you more about my weekend soon... night all! and hope you had a good one too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My weekend

So i wont be on for a few days most likely. I am going to the big city of Chicago for a Podiatrist convention... I know sounds like a blast doesnt it!! Well I actually AM excited cause it IS fun! but I'm also nervous as hell that my test is Friday. I'm gonna die if i dont pass it!!! SO I'm just cleaning, and studying and spending time with the kidos today since i wont see them till Sunday. I guess i could bring my laptop with but i doubt i would have time to sit at it.. so i'll talk to you all soon.. dont miss me too much.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The easter bunny is a god...

So.. today is easter.. I ended up getting the kids at one today after all. Conveniently about 15 minutes after I freaked out on Dick he got a call (so he says) that he wasn't working today. Now I'm going to start this post about yesterday... SO I freaked out that i was tired of everything being about him... you know what.. let me type the actual text message i sent him cause i was proud of myself.. just a second.. okay.. i pulled it up.. I told him that i didn't know what time i was going to be home Sat from my plans (which we will get to in a minute!!) and that i might take the kids home sat night or he might have to bring them Sunday morning to my house... and he said gee who's thinking about the kids now!! to which I replied:
"whatever will. I have plans. They will be fine. You are the one who doesnt want 2 go out of your way. I could care less if its convenient 4 you or not. I keep having 2 change my plans due to your schedule. Im not changing my plans today. I will let you know if i get home early enough."
And I was very proud of myself. And then his plans to have to work miraculously changed!!

Anyway.. I was texting this to him while i was on a train... I took a train to Chicago and went to see the Russian Ballet preform Swan Lake. This is something i have always always wanted to see but never had the chance. SOOO I've been talking to a guy and he is an electrician. But not the kind that comes to your house to fix things, he runs lights for places, shows, and performances. I have been talking to him for a little over a week. He asked if I would like to come see the show, to which i was like.. are you kidding?? I would LOVE to!! so I went up there via train, which took MUCH longer but at the same time was MUCH cheaper than gas, to see the show and meet him. SO it was kind of odd cause I went to see the show and sat by myself... it was so amazing though... everyone should see a ballet. Then it was over and he finished up and we went to walk downtown till we found something that we wanted to eat... well turns out that at 4:45 Saturday afternoon... easter weekend.. NOTHING is open!! lol.. neither of us thought about that. So we ended up eating at the food court of the train station.. lol. He said "See, I take you to all the good places!" It was hilarious. And We will be seeing one another again! So he had to go back to the theater to do another show and I went home.

Today I got up went and got the kids, then went to my dads for easter. OMG the kids got SOOO much candy!! It's just crazy! Then we came home to see what the easter bunny had brought them here (since they weren't home this morning). Now that smart little bunny... he got them a sand pail as a basket (cause who is REALLY going to use a multi-color basket again!!), a swimsuit/swim trunks, sunglasses, three books with read along cd, a music cd, and a cd player. I know what kind of bunny does that!! BUT.. That thrifty bunny got these adorable cd Walkman in Dora and Diego on sale for $20... and hey i could have bought one .. oopss.. the bunny could have gotten one for their room... HOWEVER he knew.. smart bunny that he is... that we would have had constant fights over what to listen too.... and not to mention if they used our house cd player a mommy VERY sick of hearing it!! Now Kole got lion king books, and a silly songs CD.. this cd has all the old classics like Monster mash, Splish Splash, The chicken Dance, Purple People Eater.. its great. And Kassie.. well the bunny splurged.. and got her a Hannah Montana CD. And let me tell you... The easter bunny is a god. And it was soo worth it when those little squeals came out of her when she saw what the music cd was!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Hoppy easter

So I took today off to go to my doctor and kole's doctor.. found out this morning that his appointment was yesterday.. nice. But on the good side I went to mine, got a prescription for my headache medicine, and a referral to get my back injections!

Dick was supposed to get the kids at 2 today... then he called saying he would be here at 6... he just called saying that he is still at work.. and its 6:02. also in the phone call ... he told me.. "I know this is going to make you the happiest woman in the world.. but I got required fro Sunday" So instead of me getting them at 1.. having a free weekend, relaxing.. I am missing my plans right now because of his work, getting them back tomorrow night or Sunday morning because of his work. I'm so sick of everything being about him and whats convenient for HIM. His kids are the ones that loose... and damn it I'm sick of having to reschedule MY plans because of what works best for him!!

But on the upside I will have them for all day easter... we will have an egg hung, easter baskets and fun. Whats funny is Kassi keeps calling the easter bunny... "Easter" like how Santa Clause is Santa... he is just Easter. Its really cute.. so I hope all of you have a really great Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hello guys

So i'm sorry its been so long... this past while has just really sucked.. I've been training the new girl, re-writing the OSHA standards for our whole office, and studying for a giant certification course that is costing my employer hundreds of dollars.. no pressure right!! So the OSHA class was today, i'm down to two weeks left of training her and my test is next Friday. And... I want to explode!!

Add all that to the worst month of Endometriosis I've had in a LONG time, No one that will take my state aid insurance card to give me an injection in my back.. so I'm in allot of physical pain. NOW.. add that to that and THEN add... that March 10th would have been my 7 year wedding anniversary... and that last St. Patrick's day was the very beginning of the very end. That was the night that all the sudden everyone around us realized there was a serious problem.

So its been really rough. Worst part is that i don't WANT to be married to him.. at all.. but my mom hit it on the head that its more a sadness about lost dreams then the guy.

Last night while putting my contacts (which i just got again after a year of glasses) away i ran out of solution grabbed the next bottle that was the WRONG solution (it has to be in a special case) and put it in the rest of the way to fill it up.... well ends up it has to be in the special case for a reason cause i burned (literally) the crap out of my eye.. fells quite swollen right now! and is bright red.

On a good note... and yes i'm going to try to end this on a good note.. I'm finally starting to feel comfortable in my life.. like the glove is starting to fit. Before I felt like I was wearing a glove that NEVER could have been mine and wasn't supposed to be. I brought the kids to the zoo tomorrow and that was so amazing.. i will FOREVER go to the zoo when it is cold/cool outside. there were so few people there that the kids got to get soooo close to so many of the animals!