Monday, March 31, 2008

Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified

Thats what PMAC stands for. aka.. you know... the letters behind my name!! So lets see.. whats new.. me and my man are doing very very well. There is allot of potential there i think. He has a great job, a house, and is really great. Unfortunately due to my schedule, his schedule, and the kids it is hard to get together but its nice too. It forces us to take it slow. Which you know.. you don't always want to do :) I was so down at work today and i have NO idea why!! nothings wrong!! and my co workers kept asking me what was wrong. I think I'm just tired.. who would know that four days in a luxury hotel in Chicago would be so tiring!! Well.. when i put it that way anyway... really i was VERY busy. I really love learning new things. I would have loved college.. and yes to all of you writing right now.. I do understand that its not to late.. but my life doesn't really allow time for it now and I don't want to sacrifice the little time I do have with the kids.. and hey I don't need it for my job after all.. I'm certified baby!! But I learned allot, had a great time, ate some great food, got my PMAC certificate.. so yea i guess that tired is allowed at this point!

On the down side my mom had a HORRIBLE time with the kids.. how bad you ask.. they were taken by pod people she says.. and she will never watch them again. I know.. OMG. And I know they were not feeling well.. but it is no excuse.. I'm trying to come up with a punishment.. cause they KNOW they were not acting in a way that was acceptable at all. When I asked "would you do that if mommy was here" and the answer is "No".. I know they knew they did wrong.. so I'm trying to think of something. They got a talking to when I got home but if they were bad enough for a grandma to say "I will NEVER watch them again.. and I'm serious Jess." that is so over the top that something must be done. Ideas welcome!

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Tracy said...

My kids do that too. I think they know that they can get away with a lot more when momma's not around. When you figure out a proper punishment, do share so that I can know too! I still haven't figured one out yet.