Friday, March 21, 2008

Hoppy easter

So I took today off to go to my doctor and kole's doctor.. found out this morning that his appointment was yesterday.. nice. But on the good side I went to mine, got a prescription for my headache medicine, and a referral to get my back injections!

Dick was supposed to get the kids at 2 today... then he called saying he would be here at 6... he just called saying that he is still at work.. and its 6:02. also in the phone call ... he told me.. "I know this is going to make you the happiest woman in the world.. but I got required fro Sunday" So instead of me getting them at 1.. having a free weekend, relaxing.. I am missing my plans right now because of his work, getting them back tomorrow night or Sunday morning because of his work. I'm so sick of everything being about him and whats convenient for HIM. His kids are the ones that loose... and damn it I'm sick of having to reschedule MY plans because of what works best for him!!

But on the upside I will have them for all day easter... we will have an egg hung, easter baskets and fun. Whats funny is Kassi keeps calling the easter bunny... "Easter" like how Santa Clause is Santa... he is just Easter. Its really cute.. so I hope all of you have a really great Easter!

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Tracy said...

Happy Easter Pokey!
I hope your weekend got straightened out and you got to go have some fun!
I'm glad you're back. I've missed ya!