Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Decision

So I made a decision a few weeks ago and didn't tell anyone. I decided to start looking into college. I never knew that I would have so much interest in the medical field. If i had I definitely would go back and get my CNA in high school like some of the girls did. I will say that for the past, i don't know, a little over a year I've had people constantly tell me that I should look into college for surgical nursing. We do some surgeries in office and some we send to the hospital or surgical center. In office we do things like ingrown toenails, wart removal, cyst removal, screw removal and revision of scars. I L-O-V-E it. Its insane the rush from being there watching it that I get. I've been told by people its not to late, i definitely missed my calling, I would be great at it. Everyone from co-workers to friends to doctors to patients. I've thought about it but frankly for the past year i feel like I am hanging on for dear life just to get through every single day.. how would I be able to add school?? Classes, homework, kids, working full time, house work AHAHAHH!! Yea right. Well.. I'm finally to a point where I fell .. well.. less like I'm going to slip off the cliff at any moment! So I decided to go to school about three weeks ago. Was looking for courses for surgical nursing. I couldnt find any locally enough for me right now.. but I did see from course lists that all had basically the same pre-requisites. So I decided to just start there. I had a day off, brought the kids to day care and went to our local community college. Got registered, took my placement tests, started financial aid paperwork, and went home to choose which class to take first. Unfortunately it ends up that the summer session has started. The early session started the day before I went there to sign up, the mid-summer online courses were all full, and there were no online courses in the late summer session!! AHH!! Are you kidding!?! So now I'm all signed up, but have to wait till August when the fall sessions start. Sigh. But then maybe the financial aid stuff will be done so it will work out for the best. It will take me forever with doing one class at a time.. but it will be worth it in the end!


Lainey-Paney said...

Good luck!

I took this semester off b/c of hubby being so sick, but I plan to go back in the Fall.

The nice thing about the hospital where I work: they offer tuition reimbursement. So, every semester, I pay up front, but when I fax in proof of passing grades: I get my money back! Woohoo!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I saw your name on another blog in the comments and I had to come visit. I just read my old copy of the Pokey Puppy to my 4 year old the other day. He loved it.
Anyway, good for you on this big decision, and good luck!