Sunday, May 25, 2008

The cutest thing ever

So kole was just out on the porch and brought in a flower (that had fallen out of the hanging pot) while saying "I'm bringing you a flower mommy" So he brings me the flower and as hes walking away says "I brought you a flower so I'ms going to marry my mommy" What I ask??? He says again that He's going to marry me... when I ask what he means he says " Well I love you mama and I bring you flowers and I kiss you ... so that means I'm going to marry you.. thats what it means." OMG could it be any cuter than that seriously!! So as I was talking to my guy (who i'm not really sure I've told you all exists) online he asked if I was going to set him strait or let him go with it i said "We'll I'm pretty sure that at 5 he means I love you mama.... So yea I'm gonna let him go with it cause its impossibly cute!"

Oh and my kids usually go to bed at 8 pm. So last night with Koles friend over Kas finally conked out at 9pm. and about 9:30 the little friend started balling saying that he missed his mom and wanted to go home. so I called his mom and she came to get him. In the meantime this made Kole very upset so he started balling which in turn woke up Kassie... so both were up till almost 10 pm in the end.. guh.. but hey they took a really great nap!

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