Sunday, January 27, 2008

7 things to do before i'm 30

So I'm a total lifetime movie addict. I LOVE them!! They are sappy, and raunchy. And I cant stop watching them! Every Sat night there is a new one on tv. I set my Tivo to record every week. Yesterdays was called "7 things to do before I'm 30." It was about a list a girl made when she was 12ish and found at 29 and decided in month before her birthday she was going to complete the list she had forgotten about. So I decided why not! I'm 25 so I have 5 years which I think is much more practical. So If you decide to do this list for yourself just chose your next significant bday and go to listing! So here goes...

7 Things to do Before I'm 30:
1) Get a Tattoo
2) Get my own Cell phone
3) Live in a house again (not an apartment)
4) Pay off my marriage bills
5) Bring the kids to Disney
6) Not overdraw my checking account for over 12 months.. twice
7) Have over $1,000 in a savings account

so there they are. My practical, unpractical, dreams, and goals for the next 5 years.


Tracy said...

I don't have much time before I'm 30. My birthday is in September so that gives me eight months. But here's my list of seven things:

1. Get a new van.
2. Go on the school field trips with my girls (I haven't gotten to do this yet because of the baby but this year he's old enough)
3. Go on a real family vacation, preferably to the beach.
4. Finish one semester of online college classes.
5. Lose some weight.
6. Find my half sister who I haven't seen since I was 12.
7. Have a girls night out and legally have a drink in a bar (I haven't done this yet...ever..)

Not anything big and life changing but they are things that are important to me all the same.

What kind of tattoo do you want? I love tattoos and have eight myself.

Pokey Puppy said...

Oh good list!! And if she could do it in one month I'm sure you could do it in 8!! I want a butterfly. Purple/blue swallowtail. I want it between my shoulder blades on my back.. like above where a tank top would be. But you know.. someday when I have an extra 200 sitting around I'll get it!!

Tracy said...

Hi again,
I was tagged for another meme and so, since I was tagged, so were you! Come over and check it out!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I have less than 2 weeks before I'm 30, but I'll post a list anyway :-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

was wondering what channel you get these movies from