Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knock on wood

So I haven't had a phone for about a week now.. but somehow i still have dsl. So hopefully no one who is reading this works for at and t right now. lol.... Well its been a really rough week sorry i haven't been able to get on the computer. Tuesday I brought Freida to the doctor and she had Strep throat, An ear infection, and bronchitis. all at once. Fred went to the Doctor on Friday and he has strep as well. Now the minute I saw either one of them sniffle wrong I started on Airborne. Which I swear by for life now. Thursday i went to work and my voice started sounding frogy before lunch. By the end of the day I sounded like a squeaker toy. Friday i woke up with no voice. okay well i had a voice but i had to yell to come out as a whisper. And there was no one to work for me.. but that was okay since I couldnt afford to take a day off work anyway. So I came home got some sleep, rested and had a little voice on Saturday. I had my company Christmas party on Saturday and that was a ton of fun. I didn't want to go at first so I'm very glad that I was the designated present-getter for the doctors.. because it made me go. I knew I'd be okay once I got there it was just the getting there feeling sad, sorry for myself, alone, and ugly part. you know.. just something little.. lol. But it was a blast, we had appetizers, dinner, white elephant game. And we got a present from our Doctors... it was a fondue set and cookbook from Williams-Sonoma. it is TO DIE FOR.. i love it. The funny thing is two girls last week said to me whats Williams-Sonoma?? since that was where I got one of the Dr's a gift certificate to from all of us. I was like what is Williams-Sonoma? its like a candy store for your eyes!!!f So I was elated naturally. Lets see.. today my voice is still better but not to full par. But I'm sure that the reason I got so little was due to the airborne... everyone should keep it on hand!!

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