Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Assumptions from today

There is a reason I've put off cleaning my oven for so long.... I mean seriously... shake, apply.. let sit TWO hours!?!??!?! come on... I mean I dont even remember what it was that spilled any more but since its been a little over an hour and I just tried and it was not all coming offf.. guh.. to smell so strongly it should really REALLY work faster!

I hate Small Kitchens! I had a large beautiful one in our house! come to think of it I've had a large one in all but my very first apartment. and even that one wasn't to shabby. But here.. I cant stand it. closed it small small small... its horrible to keep clean and yea I know it is an easy way out.. but you know... if you don't see it why keep it clean??

So if that is the fact it could technically go for the laundry room too right??? right!!! .. oh I hope so.

I love my kidos.. seriously... I could not LIVE without them.... Sure there are bad times, stressful times, times you just wish they would GO TO SLEEP!!! but you know.. over all... They are darn cute. and I love them to death. I would literally DIE to keep them safe and happy.

cell phone batteries.. no batteries in general.. they die to damn fast!

and yea.. same goes for lightbulbs.


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Tracy said...

My friend Maudie once told me that I should use oven cleaner on my bathtub to get the soap scum off. I went to the store and got the biggest can I could find and headed home.
I loaded my tub with this stuff (I hate cleaning my bathroom as much as you hate cleaning your kitchen) then the fumes hit me. Maudie forgot to tell me to get fume free.
I couldn't walk into that bathroom for five hours. It was so bad!