Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post ala Tracy

Yes thats right. I have absolutly no idea how four days goes by withought a post when i thought I missed one day! guh. where does time go. So as I'm waiting for leaving time to come around this morning I am going to do one that tracy taged us all for.

10 Things I Did This Week:

1. I went to work.

2. I brought the kids to McDonalds for a happy meal since I didnt have the energy to cook.

3. I put up my christmas decorations.

4. I made a vow to go through the boxes in my storage room to remove old life stuff.

5. I THOUGHT about washing my car.. hehe

6. I blog comented my sister like a milion times..... on one post.

7. I watched Shrek the Halls.. which was cute.. but very short.

8. I paid my babysitter... late.. sorry gigi

9. I held numerous hands during shots.

10. I ate out too much.

9 Things Still On My Agenda This Week:

1. Do laundry

2. Take out the garbage.

3. Do dishes.

4. Call the the dad i ocasionaly babysit for to see where my money is.

5. Pay my Rent

6. Go to burlington coat factory to do an exchange.

7. Drive to yorkville to work.

8. Cook Dinner

9. Check my pockets for Pens BEFORE I wash them.

8 Shows I Watched This Week:

1. Nip/Tuck.. Favorite show EVAH

2. Shreck the Halls

3. The News

4. CSI

5. October Road

6. How the grinch stole christmas

7. Without a trace

8. ESPN.. not by choice

7 Things I Cooked This Week:

1. Cereal

2. Donoughts

3. Happy meals

4. Spagetti

5. Coffee

6. Bananna

7. KFC
(Its been a bad week)

6 Things I Read This Week:

1. Surgery Consents

2. Parents

3. All about You

4. Classified Adds

5. Reindeer

6. Mouses First Christmas

5 Reasons To Be Happy Today:

1. I have two beautiful, healthy, happy babies.

2. My mom talked to me this morning

3. Coffee from the Gas station

4. I dont have to get out of my car this morning to get gas cause I did it last night

5. I dont have to pick up Freds friend for school so I had 20 extra minutes.

4 Things I Need To Buy:

1. Laundrey detergent

2. Eggs

3. Broccolli

4. cat Food

3 People I Saw This Week:

1. Gigi

2. A million Patients

3. Fred and freida

2 Things I Am Thankful For Right Now:

1. My Family

2. My friends

1 Final Thought:

Dont settle for less than you deserve just because you are scared. If you never jump you wont know what could have been.


Anonymous said...

My My! You have gotten a lot done! And I'm jealous over the KFC...I've been craving it lately. LOL.

Tracy said...

Two questions:
1. If it wasn't your choice to watch ESPN, whose choice exactly was it? Is there a man in your life that I know nothing about? (granted this contains two questions but as they both pertain to the same subject I'm only counting them as one.)

2. Does it count as cooking if we feed them happy meals and KFC? If so, I totally have been kicking ass!

Pokey Puppy said...


1) no no.. no new man. I was runing over to Gigis house while her son ran out and it was on.


Tracy said...

1. That's a shame.
2. Good to know. That means that tonight I made suculent, bite sized chicken breasts that were tossed in a golden brown batter with potatoes cut in the french style.
Also known as a Happy Meal.

Slackermommy said...

I love Nip/Tuck! Last night's episode was just okay but next week looks good.