Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got a car!!!

So Today.. I got a car!!! Thats right! Me.. a new car... no more driving the beast!! It was leaking oil gas, and antifreeze!! Soooooo my boss.. yes i said my boss and his wife.... bought me a car!! They got it from his brother, I know they paid for it, and I know that they put a nice chunk of change into it this weekend as well as their time fixing it. And they wont let me pay for it. not a cent! To say they are the most amazing people is an understatement! I mean he kept saying Calm down its not a farari!! And i was like.. well it might as well be!!! lol... Its a green 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix... and i love it! It doesnt leak, it doesnt smell like gas... its not bigger than a semi truck... and you know... i figured out a way to thank them. I mean not just a thank you card will do.. I mean... they bough bunk beds so my kids didnt have to sleep on the floor, got me a table and chairs so they didnt have to eat on the floor, and now gave me a car so i wouldnt blow them up!!!


I'm going to take the kids and the three of us are going to get a tattoo that reads "The _____ Rock!!" of course their last name is in the blank... that might do it huh?~!?!?!?!?

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Anonymous said...


SOOO happy for you!!!!!

And I think the tattoo is a great idea!!! LOL.