Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh. My. God

Okay people... I'm sitting in my living room right now!! I know amazing.. a living room wow. ahha.. okay but this is amazing BECAUSE I'm wireless again!! It has not been working for so long.. and the reason i did not fix it sooner.. it took me two hours on the phone... four phone calls.... two to Lynksys and two to At&T.. guh.. but oh well i'm wireless again.

Oh.. and the OH MY GOD part??!???? I HAVE TIVO!! Now all of you out there who have dish you probably have either a DVR or TIVO system. And if you don't you totally should get one. anyway back on topic... My mama got me a TIVO for my birthday! I have been without recording, pausing options since may! GUH!! It was torture!!! I have missed the last three weeks of greys anatomy because i just was not here!! well.. not a problem anymore!!! YEAYEAYEAYEAYEA... Thank you mama.. it is wonderful!!

I'm technologically advanced again!!

Oh and last night I went to my birthday present to myself.. the Keith Urban Gary Allen concert. And let me tell you. Those men are F-I-N-E!! It was such a AMAZING show!!! I highly recomend it to anyone!! We had the cheap seats and still the show was so damn amazing!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday!
Congrats on getting your wireless back. We had problems with ours for just a weekend and I was annoyed. I don't know how you did it!
I love my Tivo. It' makes you wonder how we ever lived without them!
And the concert, that must have just been awesome.
Again, Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

That's who was on my voice mail! I have been either with no signal, in a restaurant, in a bar, or in a car full of kids all weekend so haven't had a chance to call! LOL. Glad you had fun and congrats on Tivo again! YEY!!!

Lainey-Paney said...

did you do the at&t thing?
that's what we do. uverse with recording & wireless.
luv it!