Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The School Bus Stop

So as I got to work today I kept being asked... "Soooo how are youuu today??" I said "well.. I got here today and that is a great start!!" lol. The car is up and running now. Not fixed.. I cant say its fixed. But its running! so thats a plus.

I'm soooo bone tired when I get home from work!! I usually work 4 days a week and for this and the next two i am working 5. And although I run around like a maniac all day at work... these last four days.. oye vay... I'm cleaning, organizing, fixing, finding.. I am actually surprised that I am so tired because of the physical strain of my everyday job. But you know.. A little tv and rest time at night and I'm making myself be in bed by 10 so last night I watched Nip/Tuck which is my veryyyy favorite show! and then went to bed.

Oh and I'm not sure if i told all of you that I have turned into a school bus! no not that I have gotten huge,.... although I have.... but In the morning I put my kids in the car, drive across town to pick a boy up who's mom's car is broken (and usually brings Fred home from school), then drive back right behind my house to drop Frieda at Gigis house, then pick up her two sons. Then I drop the big kids at their school and then drive and drop off Fred and his friend to school... and then finally head out to drive to work! AHHH!! Its a hectic morning which has me g3etting up at 5:30, and being out my door by 7:20 and not leaving town until 8!!!!!!!! So yes.. I'm a school bus!!!

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Tracy said...

I'm exhausted just from reading your post! I don't know how you manage to do all of that before going to work!
I hope your car is feeling better soon!
Now I must go take a nap.