Friday, November 2, 2007

Well I missed a couple days..

Sorry.. I've been trying hard to get on here daily. Today i had a meeting in Yorkville and didnt get back to my normal office till 2:20 pm. then I had 27.. yes I said TWENTY SEVEN... voice mails that came in to all three offices that I personally had to take care of!!!! So I didnt get done with those till 4:30 amid the other string of calls coming in from everyone calling back since all offices were closed till that time! sooo.. I still had to get all charts ready for Monday complete with any paraphernalia that goes with them... and copy a chart to be picked up on Monday.. all in 1/2 hour. Needless to say i did not get done. So now I'm home waiting for Dicks mom to get here to pick the kids up since he would not take them till the morning and I said.. I'm sorry I have things to do.. since after all he always has a reason. And then.. thats right.. I GET TO GO BACK TO WORK!!! I got about 1/4 of the charts prepared so I have to go back and do the rest as well as needing to copy the patient chart. Yea... I'm so darn excited. :-! Oh wait.. no I'm not... I'm FREAKING EXHAUSTED!!!! I want to go get a bottle of wine.. lay on my couch.... drink it... and veg out!!! guh. Well oh well maybe when I'm done I will just cause I can. Talk to you all soon.

Oh and P.S. Thanks for all your support through everything I've been going through. You guys are great!

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