Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My life is forever changed.

So I just had my life changed forever. let me set the scene.. or mood if you will..... it was 10-45 at night... the lights were low... As i was unable to sleep I rose and walked twords it. Picked up the box... opened it... and applied my first Breath Right Strip. Geesh people.. get your head out of the gutters!! So... Gigi's son is sick and they think he as croup.. and yep I think i got a touch of it as well as her. Fred and Freida have been on antibiotics so they should be fine. I just couldnt shake mine and it was so odd.. but it all makes sense now. So i got antibiotics, hooked up the humidifier, bought the tea and honey, the Delsym (aka best stuff ever) and alas still could not sleep. although that should be obvious since I'm typing this after 11 pm! anyway again back to topic... I also think I have a deviated septum so I cant breath... hardly.... out of my nose. My mama (aka smartest woman alive) had recommended the strips but i had never gotten them. While i was getting things at the store today I decided why not give it a try. I put it on.. in my partially lit kitchen and as i was applying the second side my eyes popped open wide and i actually said aloud.. OH! I know lame. BUT.. i could breath out of my nose! now seriously if i try to on any normal day breath out of only my nose i almost faint from lack of air. Since i put it on like 15 minutes ago i have only breathed out of my nose!! Why you ask?? Cause I can! With the added benefit that I'm not passing out! I know amazing. So you should try them!! they rock.. and i will probably rarely be without one at night now as well as when I'm sick for sure!

As a response for some of the comments to previous posts... The beast is no more. it is true. Well its still sitting outside but it was leaking gas, antifreeze, and oil. and loosing $5 per night of gas to the pavement was not my idea of a good time or a smart investment! I KNOW.. call me crazy. So yes. My boss and his wife bought me the new car. It is currently unnamed. such suggestions have been Beauty (aka.. beauty and the beast) Belle (see previous ()) Green Hornet. Hehe.. I have yet to decide on a name for her. And yes it is a her. last one was a him. Wonder how I have a sixth sense as to what sex my cars are... hmmm.. strange.

Lets see what else... The concert rocked, yes I'm old.. 1/2 a century, but i lived through it, hmmm .. there was something else i needed to reply too but i guess i will have to look later and add it to the end of another. Thanks Lainey for the post in my comments.. lol.. your list cracked me up. Love that some of you have come back to read me! i know I've been sparatic over last months. Thanks to all... As I give thanks for Thanksgiving... for coming back to me.

I will try to repost tomarow but if I don't, I hope you all have a great day. I am looking to my first hopefully relaxing thanksgiving in a very long time. My kids will be with Dick but thats okay. I will be at one place .... all day..... then leave to come home.... yea I know.. only one place! Every year we had at least 4 to attend since... well... since i was 16. Hope you have a good one.


Lainey-Paney said...

happy new car.

thanks for the post about the breathe right strips. I need to get some for hubby to try.

Diane said...

I have to tell you, those Breath Right Strips ROCK serious *&%#!!

Here's another fact to note about them: if you wear them for a week or two, you'll find it sort of re-trains your nose holes! Stop laughing, it's true!! I now find I can wear them once or twice a week and breath happy as a clam. Ok, well, maybe clams don't breath, but if they did, they'd be happy wearing breath right strips!!

Why do you think they say clams are happy anyway? Such an odd expression... I mean, they aren't even good looking!! Maybe it's because they can't see themselves as they are eye-less. Hmmm, talk amongst yourselves while I go ponder this and other mysteries of the universe.

Tracy said...

Now I want to know why clams are happy. When she figures that out can you pass it on to me?
I love breathright strips as well. Nothing better for a momma who's caught their children's cold to sleep at night to take them back to school now that they're feeling better!
I'm glad you had a good time at the concert!
Oh and Pokey, are you truly half a century? 50? Just curious!
Happy Birthday!

Pokey Puppy said...

Um yea.. well you guessed it... haha.. TYPO.. I'm a quarter century!! hehe