Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tag Your It!!

I've been tagged!! And i love it!! lol.. So here goes Tracy...

8 Things about me that are TOTALLY embarrassing:

1) I have been to one concert in my life... are you ready... Clay Aiken! okay So I totally loved it but you know.. everyone else thinks its totally embarrassing so it counts! of course.. as of this Friday i'm going to another one so that stat will change!

2) One very very VERY lonely night I was drunk at a bar with my bitch and wanted to go home with a guy who we lovingly refer to as "Skater Boy" aka.. clothes to big, to quiet, dirty long hair... ugh Thanks GiGi for not letting me!!

3) Sometimes when I'm home alone I catch myself talking to my cat!! But I only have one cat so I don't think that makes me the crazy cat lady yet.. right?? okay Apollo answered me and said no thats normal!! Whew.. oh wait.. there I go again

4)I am H-O-R-R-R-R-I-B-L-E- at taking my garbage out to the dumpster!! i know.. it is embarrassing.. on my landing right now are two bags!! I mean.. my brother did it growing up.. then i moved out and it was the guys job so Dick did it... but now... well now there is no guy to do it.. sigh...

5) Once I decided to trim my pubic hair before my Gyne appointment the next day and got thebright idea to use an electric trimer for the first time.... well an accidental bump later.. i ended up forced to shave it all off or look ridiculous! and then i got a razor burn so i went bald and rashy!! hindsight.. I'll risk looking ridiculous next time!!

6) In 4th grade a boy kept putting love notes in my coat pocket for me to find later.. however when i finnaly told someone.. ends up they were for my sister and not me!!!!

7) short hair, perm, school pictures... really people.. need I say more?

8) Today for lunch i went with a couple of girls to Jimmy Johns... I was standing with one and a random guy waiting for our lunch to come up and the man behined the counter goes "FIVE!!" and I looked at him odly cocked my head to the side and said.. was I supposed to get an order number?? .. um yea.. they call it out by the sandwich number.. no order numbers.. he laughed.. my friends laughed... i was mortified!! lol

So Lets see.. I tag...

1)Gypsy at Runing from the Lows
2)GiGi at Pieces of My heart
3)Mrs. Jo at High on Life
4)Lainey at Life is Just So Daily
5)Sheri at My minivan is faster than yours


Tracy said...

Well Done Pokey!
1. Take your garbage out. Women haven't fought for years for equal rights so that you can throw us back twenty years! lol
2. Why do we always trip our nethers for a gyno appointment?
Thanks for doing the tag! you did a great job!

Pokey Puppy said...

Lmao.. okay okay I"ll take it out tonight.. well at least tomarow morning!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey! I never knew I was getting love notes! From who? When? What? Why? LOL.

Lainey-Paney said...

Ugh. 8 embarrassing things?
1. my son is a nose picker. (hey, it's kind of about's embarrassing being the mom of the nose picker.)
2. i am addicted to some random tv shows that i hate to admit....
3. i've fallen in public...a lot.
4. i once put on red red red red lipstick when I was drunk off my ass. darted into a restaurant on this busy bar hopping street, just to use their restroom. ran into my college ex's fraternity buddies (like a group of 20 of them...) & when I got to the restroom---I was waaaay drunk, but when my reflection was finally still in the mirror, I realized that I had red lipstick all over my mouth area--not just on my lips.
5. I wet my bed...for years.
6. wanted a wave perm in 3rd grade...thinking it would look cool. On top of my naturally curly hair---I looked like Little Orphan Annie w/ brown hair.
7. I put on 32 pounds in my first year at college. 32 pounds. In less than a year.
8. My room-mate at the time---she & I used to order pizza @ god-awful hours of the night & watch reruns of the Fatcts of Life.