Monday, November 5, 2007

The Broken Day

Yes thats what I've named this day... which I'm glad is over.. or nearly.... The broken day. So I've known that my batterie was going dead for a couple weeks. I was just trying to get through to this Friday in order to get a new one as they are not cheap. So I was on the phone with my mom on the way to work this morning. She was trying to get me the back way to one of our offices that I dont usually go to. So I'm almost there... and my car starts sputtering.. I could only get it to go 45 miles per hour.... I kept saying Oh crap.. oh its gonna die.. oh crap.... At least thats all I can remember saying along with I didnt know where I was to have someone get me. Although there were probably other explatives that went along with it. So then My phone dies on me. Okay well it lost signal.. Great i think.. but at least mom gave me the next two turns so I can find my way. Well I was nervous to stop at the stop sign with my car acting the way it was.. so I looked both ways not a car in sight and I went. Well................... half way through the turn my car died... thats right.. D-E-A-D dead as a door knob. It took all my strength to get my car off the road as much as I could... Call my mom and freak out. she said she would call a tow truck and I needed to call work to have someone come get me.. yadda yadda yadda.. doing her best "mom" voice to try and calm me down. I'm like Okay okay okay okay.... so we hang up and I call work and just sit there gripping the steering wheel trying to just breath till my coworker got there. All the time thinking I have no money till Friday what am I going to do?!?!?!?!?!?

So She gets there and picks me up, as my phone rings and its my momma reminding me to get anything important out of my car. Oh and that she couldn't get it towed. WHAT!!!!!! Okay back to freak out mode... to which I was cut off by her stating that she called the tow truck company and they said No I can not send someone to tow the car and that it was because My boss had in the mean time already called and got one to get my car! OMG how nice.. I know I work for the worlds nicest people. So then I get to work and he tells me it was towed to a shop that is good and reasonable price and they would call when they found out what was wrong. "Okay thanks" I say out loud when inside I'm thinking..."I'm 45 minutes from home... no car to get home... no money to pay for the broken car to get me home...'" sidetracked by hmmm whats that noise?? well it was my phone telling me it was dying! nice huh!! So I turn it off. Phone call after phone call after hour after hour later.... They call me that the car is done.

WHEW!! Oh wait... what did he just say?? "The alternator is fixed but you know that car really needs other things fixed right?" Says Mr. Mechanic Man Yes I state, the brakes are going out and its leaking oil. That was all you found.... right?? Well he says yes and... (the pause that scares you) It is leaking gas. WHAT THE #$(%*&#@Q)#$*#%R&)Q##&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE JUST PUT A NEW GAS TANK IN IN APRIL BECAUSE IT WAS LEAKING GAS!!!!!!!! And he says.. calmly.... that he isn't sure where it was leaking but it was definatly my car and it was definatly gas... and... that he doesn't recommend I throw any cigarettes out my car window. Nice.. humor..... good try Mr. Mechanic Man.

So my car was ready, my phone was dead, then I broke the radio at work, then I broke two pens at work, then I almost dropped a heavy shelf and broke my head! I know whew that that didn't happen. And then to top it off I got Mrs Jo a job cleaning an office and was supposed to walk her through it tonight. But after getting it fixed, finally getting there to pick it up, driving the long way home (since i no longer remembered the directions after all that), and traffic.. Well I just could NOT do one more minute. So I had to bail on her.. again.... and couldn't even call to tell her earlier since my phone was dead and wouldn't turn on... and have the other lady show her what needs to be done on Thursday morning..

SO I broke my car, my phone, my pen, my radio, almost my head, and my friends heart.

geesh.. broken day i would say!


Anonymous said...


I am sooooo sorry!

And I'm very glad you didn't break your head.

BTW..future reference...I live 15 min. from there! HELLO!! I would have given you a ride home, easy peasy.

Next time don't stress it. That's what big sisters are for ;-)

Pokey Puppy said...

Well I know but the morning you would have been getting kids to school and wasnt sure if you had car. Also.. stress had to do more with how in the hell will I get to work tomarow than how will i get home today! aka.. no car.. lol