Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Christmas Day

No.. not Christmas day.... THE Christmas day. That is today. We got up late this am.. okay does 22 minutes count as late?? Well in this house it does!! lol.. so we got up, snuggled on the little couch (don't ask me why we don't move to the bigger one!), and watched the end half of the dolly parton Christmas movie. Now this show is on CMT every Christmas season.. and I cant stand it!! lol.. I just cant stand her.. i think thats why though. But the kids were content to snuggle and watch it and not cartoons so it was good with me! Then I got up and made eggs with cheese on top, toast with jelly, and chocolate milk. A very special treat for kids who's mommy works. They are finishing up now, we are listening to Toby Keiths Christmas special. It's really great. When we are done we are making our first "Christmas House" known to some of you as a gingerbread house. Then this afternoon we are putting up our Tree.

I'm trying to make our own little traditions for our little family, the Christmas House is my first attempt. I'm quite excited. but you know, that excitement is Pre-Toddlers, Royal Icing, and candy!! I'll let you know how that goes later. hehe

My Thanksgiving was really great. very Relaxing. It was the first Thanksgiving in about 10 years that I have not been going amid 4+ Holidays! I went to my dads for most of the day, then went to my moms for a bit. I did get down at a point since i missed the kiddos. but it helped knowing that I get them Christmas day.

Oh and Tracy pointed out a typo... I am in fact a quarter century old.. not a half.. sorry!!

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Tracy said...

I foresee a breakdown in your future....and I didn't read the next post first (ok so I did read the next post first..but I think I would have seen it coming, just from my past experiences.) I have yearly Christmas breakdowns. It's kind of become a tradition.