Sunday, April 13, 2008

What would you never say

So I was over visiting Lainey's blog and it was about how she used the "because I said so" line on her son. My line I have SWORN I would never say is "Do you want me to give you something to cry about!" My dad used that line all the time growing up. And you know... it just ERKS me! yes erks.. lol... I mean we were already crying! It doesn't mater if you don't think that it is a good reason to cry, but we are.

Anyway It got me thinking about my current situation with my daughter. Kole is almost 5 and she is 3 1/2. Lately my son has been bursting into tears to get what he wants something. And it was driving me CRAZY!! So one day when I was talking to my BFF Guin (also the babysitter) if he was doing that at her house. She looked perplexed and said no. Odd I thought... Then one day about a week later she said he did it today.. started the "baby routine" such as i call it .... And she asked him why he would do that? And do you know his answer?? "Because sissy does it and mommy talks to her" Ouch.. yea. That opened up my eyes to what I'm letting my baby get away with that I never would have let him. So I'm really cracking down on this with her.. so lets just say Tylenol has been my best friend the past week cause when she realizes the crying is not working it just gets louder. Oye vay.

You know I remember a time though when I realized I was doing the same thing with Kole.. And now did it with Kassie.. but for different reasons... with Kole I had a very hard time disciplining him at points because he was my miracle baby. I had lost a baby before him, went through a fertility center, would have lost him if I hadn't known as early and gone on progesterone.... He was the baby I never thought would be here. So how do you discipline something so precious... Well I got it together. I think with Kassie it is the fact of the past year... its been hell on wheels, ups and downs... more emotional downs than ups, and frankly a struggle daily. But I finally feel like I may be getting to an even point.... so here we go again.. redoing what I have done wrong and teaching her the rights and wrongs. Let me warn you.. its much easier I'm sure to do it right in the first place.. but i doubt anyone has ever gotten child rearing right the first time... right!

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