Friday, October 26, 2007

Today I switch Boxes

Okay So i'm totaly just aware that it has been like a month since i've posted. Sorry. Sometimes when i'm soooo over stressed i cant get it out on here. maybee i'm afraid the damn witll break not sure. Oh and i have un moderated my comments so they will shhow up. Sorry Tracy and Lainey.. i needed the email addy that you sign into blogger with to put you on her blog. OOps.

Anyway. Today is D-Day. Divorce Day. Today I switch Boxes. I'm no longer single, no longer maried. No I now have moved to the Divorced Box. this is not where i expected y life to be now. Or ever for that mater. But it is 755 now. my court time is 9:00. So soon so very soon I will oficially be everything i never wanted to be, never thought i would be. I will survive I will move on. Hopefully better things on the other side. Who knows. Only god. this is what I want and need. Everything he does just solidifies my decision on that. There may have been a couple thoguht of changing my mind early on but not in a long long long time. Today it will be over.

I am Divorced.


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guin said...

i love you and you will get through this and be a better and stronger may have not wanted to be "divorced"...but you didnt want the situation you were in either. Im here for you...