Monday, October 1, 2007

today is the day

Well today is the day folks. My baby is Three... Happy birthday Frida. she is getting so big. I swear three weeks ago she woke up two inches taller... okay well maybee thats how much shes grown since last winter.. but its alot for such a little peanut! But i decided it was okay since when i put her little skirt on her this morning it was a perfect fit.... and it was a 12 month skirt... and she is three today!! lol... so she is and always will be my little peanut, my little bit, my lil bean. sigh. her ladybug birthday was on this past saturday. It went good. i had a little breakdown the night before when i had a cake-tastrophy. About how it all had to be perfect and it was so much less then ever before and yadda yadda yadda. Thanks for the ear and shoulder mom. But you know what. It was perfect. She loved the cake. she loved the presents. And she loved having a park to play at. Of course it was mostly for the other kids since she had to stay up and get all the grown up atention from the adults since it was allll about her. lol. It was funny this morning when i told her happy birthday little bit you are three today!! She says to me... "Mama I was three at my ladybug party... not today silly goose!" I tried to explain but then gave up.... but even though she doesnt understand and she thinks it was the other day. I think i will still possibly maybee take them to ice cream tonight. Maybee :-)

So ive decided... Maybee I will make it. Maybee my kids wont blame it all on me when they are older. Maybee i wont shrivel up in a corner and die. Maybee... but then again i'm writing this mid day and i'll probably feel diferently tonight! lol.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Miss Cutie!

And it does start to get easier the older they get. The birthdays I mean. Not the actual children.