Tuesday, September 4, 2007


You know today is one of those days. I'm lonely. Just plain lonely. The kids are here and i'm happy mommy. I get all my snuggles.. all my i love yous. My bitch Gigi has been over so i got my complain on, got to (try to) comfort. I cooked, watching a funny show (tori and dean inn love.. I LOVE IT). I'm baking cakes for another cake order.. for my mom if that counts...lol. .. which i love to do.

But you know... i miss someone to come home snuggle on the couch with. put my head on his lap... his arm resting on my back. Someone to climb into bed with rest m head in that perfect nook of his shoulder... kiss the top of my head. or to spoon with.. i love spooning. I miss having someone to comfort me. There is something about these situations that just cant come from friends or family or kids. Sometimes i just cry because i miss it... i need it.

Blah... I am FINALLY going to get my hair done with my mama tomarow. I'm very overdue. So hopefully that will make me feel a little better. Everyone says.. Pokey.. you are young.. you'll find someone.. i'm SURE of it. Well you know what.. the problem is I'M not sure of it. And what am i going to do between now and then.... How am I going to fill this need? First of all.. I OBVIOUSLY need to get a vibrator. I know gasp.. she just said the v word. hahahah.. but you know what You need what you need. I'm a big girl who never had need for one till now. I see one in my future. Whats so funny is thats not even the need i was talking about. it was the need from the previous paragraph.. but you know..the other might help. . lol


Anonymous said...

Jeepers crimeny, I feel like I just wrote this one! I'm even getting my haircut tonight. I tried the whole snuggling and kissing thing with a guy friend this weekend(no attraction) and felt completely awkward. Ended up cracking up and falling asleep. It's that whole comfort thing thing that I'm looking for. To feel wanted. To reflect on the day. Not sure if you can find a vibrator that can fulfill those needs..please send me the make and model if you do though :)

Pokey Puppy said...

lmao.. yea i doubt i will.. but you can hope wright? Sweet of your guy friend to try that for you!

Anonymous said...


I wish I could say something to make it easier. But I can only say I loves you :-)

Tracy said...

If only they did make a vibrator that could give you the comfort factor. Men would be in such trouble then! I wish you so much luck Pokey! I know you deserve it! Just be patient and until that guy comes along, go get yourself a Cadillac of a vibrator!