Sunday, September 9, 2007

A very nothing post!

Lets see.. tomorrow is weigh in day. A little nervous.. all in all I've been good but i did go out on Friday and we all know alcohol is not the best thing for a diet! I did eat after 9 twice the past week... at least i had a yogurt cup work 1 point each time.. .but still was mad that i still ate after 9. I went to get a couple things at the grocery store today and was seduced into buying a cooking light cookbook by the amazing pic on the front, how big it was, and that it was a 20th anniversary magazine (which anniversary issues are always good) .. but as in my previous post i was HORRIFIED!! meals with a 400+ calorie 20+ fat count... my god they need to change their name.. that is NOT cooking light!!

okay off my soap box. lets see.. not to much new or interesting in my life. I was reafirmed in my if i give dick an inch he has to take a foot. This is ALWAYS how it was in our relationship and i've put my foot down for the most part. He called and asked if i could take Freida back today so him and Fred could get some alone time.. he wanted to take him to a demolition derby (which I knew he would love). For some background Freida always gets that little extra while Fred is at school. He always takes her to breakfast.. every day.... and usually wal mart. Now this year she is old enough so that her first words when he gets in the car after school are. hi Fred.. i went here and here.. and we did this and this. Now this makes him mad and i know she only does it to rub it in which makes it a little funny. But back on subject... I called him and said fine. ... I mean Me and Freida could have a good girls day. so he says he'll bring her home at 11. Then he shows up with her at a couple minutes to 10! I was like um you said 11! Then as they are leaving i say okay Fred I'll see you at six!! (the usual drop of time) and Dick is like well i can bring him home when its done! and I said.. UM NO!! You wanted time with him spend time with him not like theres not a million things you could do with him where you are going!! So needless to say he showed up at my door 1/4 to four. Now the race STARTED at one... and it was at least 40 minutes to get here. He didn't bring him around the fair at all!!! there were tons of things there Fred would have loved. And hes only getting them for a couple hours on Thursday then not till next week... seriously... he couldn't take a couple hours with his son!

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Tracy said...

It's sad to me that it sounds like it's so hard for Dick to spend quality time with his children. He just doesn't sound like he wants to but he does things to save face. How was your girls day with Frieda? You didn't mention what you two did. I hope you had fun! And why haven't you been over to visit my blog lately? I miss ya!