Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sigh..I'm back

So I just KNOW all of you have missed me horribly.. i mean come on.. how DO you get through your day without my witty banter, blissful bitching, and absurd comments!! My internet has been out for a week.. guh. Most of which i will admit was due to me not paying the bill!! Really funny to me how they expect you to send them something back when they send you a letter.. thinking i might start requiring something back every time I send something to somebody!! lets just all hold our breath and see how that goes huh!! So then I finally got it turned on well.. payed anyway.. and they didn't turn it back on!! Was supposed to be on Sat morning but didn't actually come on till Tues morning!! I mean come on. how rude... and yea.. i did tell them i thought it was rude.
So what has happened.. I got more boxes put away and ate more junk food than i should have... turns out apparently the internet and blogging is a great boredom buster and helps avoid eating..... but also makes you not want to unpack boxes for the place you've lived for so long. haha. I finally caved and put a TV in my kids room... They are NOT to watch it at night but when they wake up they can push the movie in and watch till mommy gets up.. yea its cheap trick but you know what... it lets me get that much needed extra hour of sleep sometimes. Amazing how much you miss that rare time when your husband would do that. I rearranged some of the dressers in my kids room. what else what else... Dick came over last night to bring me some food out of the freezer from when we lived together that he didn't have room for.... IE he had to take out the chicken he would have to cook to put in frozen diners. Then tonight we got in a knockdown drag out about the fact that i had a petition for child support filed so that he could not hang it over my head anymore.... never mind that its normal procedure.. it means him paying money so he was pissed... should have seen that one coming.
Hmm... OH they FINALLY fixed the stuff in my house. My dryer vent was clogged, my screen door popped out of the tract and my blinds in the living room quit working. Now keep in mind that the vent could have been clogged by any tenant or that the blinds have never worked completely right since i moved in...... it took them THREE.. yes THREE and 1/2 weeks to get in to do this. You know.. since the maintenance guy is sooooooo busy here. so i had no.. or barely any... dryer for that long. Meant ALLOT of laundry duty this past weekend.. but i'm finally cought up. But on topic... I came home and saw the paper on my table meaning that it was all done.. and i read it... and it appears to me.. THAT THEY ARE CHARGING ME $60 FOR DOING THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Excuse me!!!! is this not what i pay rent for.. and for gods sake.. any tenant could have caused these products.. like the one who lived here before me!! geesh. Guh... i'm gonna fight it.. was going to go down today
Today i was GOING to... go down to my clubhouse about that bill, go the the food stamp place to get my stuff renewed, and go renew my wick.. had a fun filled, government funded day planed. then at 7:40 my phone rings and its my office manager. My co-worker passed out this am and her husband was bringing her to the er... guh... its her, me and the girl thats been there four days. obviously i didn't have a choice in the matter.. so.... I went to work and brought Freida to the sitters which did NOT go over well since i had already told her that we were going to be together... of course yes i know.. i wasn't even out of eyesight and the crying stopped.
WHEW.. so now you are all mostly, kind of caught up and brought up to date on the happenings of my vida loca. I know... glad you weren't here huh!!

Oh yea PS.. i must not have ate too bad cause although i did not lose any weight i did not gain any either yesterday am. YEA!!


Mrs. Jo said...

Wow you sound like a busy little bee. I would fight that bill as well....those jerks...people are always trying to get more money out of us aren't they! And...yea for you not gaining any weight...we all have days that are not so good on the eating/exercising front...but the fact that you acknowledge it is good....keep going!

Lainey-Paney said...

you are a busy little bee.

i miss apartment life sometimes...we had GREAT maintenance people: maria & miguel. husband & wife team. they fixed everything in a timely manner. so nice too. loved them. loved them.

...and when we had an apt & the dishwasher went out...we just called them. we didn't have to worry about fixing anything, or repair costs....life seemed so much easier then...

...of course, then: we were a party of 2, not 3, and there was no 2yo to throw fits throughout the day. we didn't have to worry about getting up early, or being quiet for naptime....

Tracy said...

Glad that you're back! I would fight that bill too! Tell them that they can shove it! You can do it Pokey!
I'm just happy to have you back!