Monday, February 4, 2008

The Cutest words

So I just love the things my kids say. Freida says today on the way on home... Mommy why is it so so froggy outside? I said.. Did you say froggy? and she says back.. Yes its so very froggy out all days today!... what she meant was that it was Foggy out... lol

Freidas favorite vegetables are hands down is Recipes. She also knows that if you find a recipe under your seat cushion that means you are a princess. She likes cooked recipe's she likes raw recipe's. In other words... Peas.

And then there is my fred. this one can not be said so well without revealing his real name. It is Kole. So he comes home on Christmas eve and I'm putting them to bed. I am all excited to do the Christmas eve hype with him and I say so why do we have to go to bed good tonight? and he says very proudly "Because otherwise we will get a big rock named ME!! aka.. he would get a lump of coal!

Oh out of the mouths of babes.. What is the cute things your kidos have said?


Tracy said...

Very cute. I always wondered if your kids names really were Fred and
One of my all time favorite saying was from Caroline when she was a toddler and was just starting to branch out into real words.
Whenever she would want a drink she would say:
Wadoo me mom. Wadoo me.
In other words Water me. I always thought it was cute, like she was a little plant that needed watering.

Pokey Puppy said...

awww.. that is the darn cutest thing!!