Monday, February 11, 2008

My great bling weekend

So I had SUCH a full weekend. usually seems like my kidless weekend is short and that i don't do much. BUT.. oh this was so different... in a good way!! Friday my mama ad I went to see "27 dresses" ad it was cute..kinda predictable, and I only cried 3 times so that was good i figure. Sat I went to Orland with my mom and my sis met us there. We shopped ad had dinner.. it was so fun being with them.. it doesn't happen enough. While there I used my "me" money from my taxes to buy a diamond ring. It is sooo beautiful!! And come on.. who needs a man to buy you bling?? NOT ME BABY!!! I'm a woman.. HEAR ME BLING!! oops i mean roar! lol...

So then Sat night I went to have one drink with my friend and then came home depressed that i had no one to dance with, be all over, and kiss on. Couldn't sleep so I got online and was looking at things. Ended up responding to this personal add on a site and got emailed right back by the guy... ended up till almost 2 am talking with him online.

Sunday I went to a different mall and got myself a cell phone. I had been using one on my dads account since my separation and was time to stand on my own two feet. Plus I got my tax return and could afford to get one!! lol... Then i went home and cleaned all day. All the while testing Mr. Man. HAHAH.. i just came up for a name for him!! He is working at a restaurant right now because it makes good money and the shifts are flexible since he is... are you ready for this... going to grad school and then to law school...

However.... He goes by a different version of it... but he has the same first name as dick.. oye.. that came to me when i was in the shower yesterday.. of all the flippin names... but at least he doesn't go by the same derivative of it i guess!

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Tracy said...

That ring is beautiful! I say good for you for spending some money on yourself!
And atleast with Mr. Man you'll never forget his name right? Good luck!