Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Catching up

Okay.. I've got a few questions.. and people were quite miffed that i did not tell them.. so lover boy and i are no more.. for a few weeks now. He kinda fell of the face of the earth.. but i think him and his x are trying to work things out.. which is great for him and the kids.. and suckola for me.. i miss him terribly and ... i know its bad of me... but hope they don't work out and i hear from him again sometime.

Other news ... I put in my notice at work today. I got offered a job a couple of nights ago by someone I used to work with. It is back in banking, has more pay per the hour .. only a little but its something, incentives and bonuses, INSURANCE (that's the seller). I knew i would have to get a new job within a years time due to my insurance ending when the divorce is final... and was so not looking yet. figured in about six months i would put in a couple months notice. Needless to say.. i don't want to leave my current job. It is a great job which i just love... I'm so fascinated by all things surgery... but i have to be realistic.

Its just me against the world.. and I've got my babies to take care of in the mix. I would be silly to pass up the job since what are the chances of such a great job coming my way in six months-ish?? VERY slim to none. I have no degree, experience in banking, throwing newspapers, and medical. However without a degree in some medicine related field that's pretty much out. and since throwing newspapers is non lucrative.. i knew that i would be going back to banking. Which is fine... i liked it then and i like it now.

But to say the least I'm scared shitless.. i know I'll be good at it blah blah blah.. but lets face it.. switching jobs is scary as hell when there is no second income to go back on. Add to that the beast.. not in the best condition to do driving daily... and the fact that i have NOT A SINGLE piece of clothing that would apply for that job.... scared shitless. I mean... i'll get over the scared, hope the car will hold out. But the clothes.. gonna be much worse if i show up all voluptuous woman in my bra and undies to a bank to work.. hahaha.. i know great visual. I don't even have shoes!! okay starting to freak out again... need to change subject....

So here's me... divorcing, switching jobs, loverboy-less

oh yes.. that change of subject calmed me down alright... i need to break open the wine my mama brought me from Galena......

P.S. while spell checking this i realized that shitless is not in the dictionary.. odd


Lainey-Paney said...

Well....switching jobs is scary.

But...yes, you're doing the responsible thing, especially since you know that you need insurance. And, you need the $, even if it is just a little bit more each month.

You'll get through it.

Anonymous said...

It is scary but you can do this. And the relief that a little extra $$ and medical will bring is huge :-) Good luck!

I personally think clothes are over rated ;-)

Mrs. Jo said...

I would agree with Chris overrated these days...i vote for the vulumptious bra and undies ;).
Don't are going to be fine..scary I can imagine...believe me I have been through tough money times (umm hello like now) and your family and friends are what you need to hold onto IS NOT you against the world..we are ALL here for you! :) So lean on us..go ahead..just lean! Love ya!

Diane said...

Nice post! Thought I'd clear up the dictionary thing. It is indeed sad that Blogger only references the old standard, antiquated Dictionary. Were they to use the URBAN DICTIONARY (Thank you Bud for showing me this site) you would have found the spelling correct and it's definition to be:


1. adj. a state of being, during which one is without fecies
2. adj. used as an expression "scared shitless," referring to being frightened so badly as to cause the spasming of one's sphincter muscles, causing the bowels to release and resulting in the defacation of one's pants.

Antonym: 'Full of shit"

I took so many laxatives last night that I'm currently shitless

During that entire movie I was scared shitless!

Tracy said...

I have to say that I LURVE the definition of shitless!
I know that you'll do great with the new job. I think that the bank would be grateful to you when you show up for work all voluptuous in your bra and panties and they get A LOT more business. Something to think about. You could be Employee of The Month your first month there. Could be a good move for you!
I'm sorry to hear about lover boy. I'm sending bad thoughts their way in the hopes that he finds his way back to you...hahaha...

Pokey Puppy said...

OMG.. that is the best definition EVER.. and tracy .. trust me.. voluptous does not stand for a size 2 with DD boobs.. it means i'm Large and in charge... more cushin for the pushin... plesently pump... IE... NOT atracting customers!! lmao...

Tracy said...

Hey, you may be surprised at how many customers you bring in! I got hit on more after I had Caroline and was 60 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant at 115 pounds! Most men like cushin for the pushin!