Saturday, August 25, 2007

So Fred had his first day of school this Thursday. It wasn't soo hard since he went to preschool last year. it was more hard due to the not-like-last-year things in my life now. I wont get to see him right after school sometimes for a couple of days for one. I brought him this morning (as i will every day... thank god I'm able) and of course had my camera in tow.. so i went to take a picture walking down the stairs from my apartment and he sees me and turns and poses!! and then proceeds to do this multiple times.. it was soo freaking funny. But he looks so grown up. He insisted on wearing his spiderman visor... even though "I know mommy, I'll leave it in the car" lol. But then i wasn't getting him back till Sunday night so i called Dicks dad to talk to Fred (which is the first time he has said a single word since everything with dick and I) and talked to him and then hung up and burst into tears. Go figure.. okay when i dropped him off but then loose it after hes done with the first day! But then he came home.. with his backpack... and a picture inside he made the first day of school that was "For my Mommy" ... written on it and all.

My Fred.. Year two.. day one... one mommy.. one backpack... whole lot of love and studliness in one hallway.


Anonymous said...


He does look so growed up!

I wish they would all just stop it! ;-)

Pokey Puppy said...

I'm telling you... Shring Wrap.. its the key