Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Real Good... Real healthy

So in reference to yesterdays post I have been "recipe-ing" all day today. Now I can tell you in the years past I have gotten SOOO fed up with cookbooks that claim to be low fat, or low calorie.. you know what 600 is not a low calorie entre!!! thats just the entre not the whole meal!!! Sure it may be less than the original recipe.. but still.. that should not in my opinion be in a cookbook claiming by the title to be good for you.

I have found that Diabetic cookbooks are really the best way to go as they are truly low cal, low fat, low sugar. All the lows I look for in recipes. I usually load up on books, but (i know mom,... gasp) I have also started renting instead of buying books! So I have created a new blog:
In which i am going to put my recipes and new ones i find to try that i consider to fit in the "good for you" category.

So go look, read, cook , comment, suggestions or what worked or what didn't in the comments. Or don't.. i did it for me.. but i hope you will enjoy it too!! ;-)


my minivan is faster than yours said...

I'll be checking out that new blog of yours!

I had gestational diabetes with my second, and wow did I gain a newfound respect for diabetics. But it's definitely the healthy way to go!

Jenster said...

Oh yea!! That blog is definitely going into my favorites.

Diabetic cookbooks are good because they're mostly common sense.

Anonymous said...

Very cool and great idea!