Sunday, August 5, 2007

And the moral of the story is......

OMG.. my last post was the 31st!!! I'm so sorry everyone.. as my blog stalker (who better comment on this) told me i need to blog again!! I've actually been feeling very down and funky these past few so didnt figure anyone wanted to hear about it. Dont ask me why though.. since my philosophy is if you dont wana read it click on a different link!! hahaha.. instead of close the book.. hahahaha.. cough cough.. i'm better now. But seriously this is such an outlet for me so dont know why i havent just typed it out of my system who knows maybee it would have made it better.

So we are having storms here today... pour, then sun, then drizzle, then pour... repeat process in various order. And then half way into the afternoon my DSL stops working!! grr. So waited till kids went to bed.... correction .... till i put the kids in their room and locked the door..... and called att. guh i havent even had dsl for two months (or something) and this is the second time this has happened! So they get me connected with this retarted lady who is obviously from India , and aparently has been told all callers are totally computer illiterate so make them pissed off!!! anyway so it is done and she wants to give me to her supervisor to do a survey..... and i hang up on her.... okay so i shouldnt have done that... but in my defense with what i've had to deal with the last few days she was the LAST thing i needed.

But before that she gave me the phone number to Lynksis who my router is through to get wireless again. And for some stupid reason i called it instead of mudling my way through it like last time to go wireless on my own. Get anoyed right off the bat when the man who picks up is Indian... not like i'm gonna scalp you like he was from India.... anyway... so i'm waiting for my computer to reboot while on the phone just thinking to myself hey this guy is not making me feel like i'm a complete computer moron.. thats nice.. made it go alot faster!! When he says "so where are you calling from" and i say "Illinois... where are you at?" I mean really you never know if the guy is actually in India or if hes in a little office in New York.. which by the way i had bets on.. how many guys in India really say "Sweet!" ... lol.. yea he really did... So he says I'm in India. REALLY>!?!? WOW.. i say.. being soooo literate.... then i laugh and say what time is it there? and Mr Indian dude says "about 7:30 AM" I laugh and say its "9:30 PM here!" and we had a laugh over that... it was really actually kinda funny.

So at the end of his call he asks if i can talk to his supervisor for a survey.. to which i say "Absolutely!" .. yea i know.. you are sooo proud right now mom. So I'm waiting and his supervisor comes on and says "Hi.. I'm the supervisor is this Jessica?" was funny i didn't get his name.. just ... supervisor.. lol..... So he goes through the normal questions and then at the end comes the question is there anything else you would like to say? and I say "Yes.... you should give him a 20% raise!!" To which the supervisor starts laughing.. okay we both did... and he said "that's original!!" and we both laughed and i said.. "I have to go to bed now.. you guys have a great day at work today!"

So moral of the story. Sure.. my life sucks ass right now. And my night may have been worse.... and I may cry myself to sleep again like i have so much this past week... but hey.... I made homebody's day in India start off great!


Anonymous said...

like i said last night...only you, pokey, only you :)

Lainey-Paney said...

1. shake it off. get out of the funk.
2. thank you for my multi-comment comment. made me smile this mornin'.
3. our AT&T tv service & internet were out for THREE DAYS b/c during a storm our "something that makes it all work" got struck by lightning. How lucky are we???


Tracy said...

Look at you go! Even though you were having a shitty day, you still managed to make someone elses better. Your mother should be very proud of you!

Pokey Puppy said...

Yea my stalker left me a message.. now you just have to sign your name ;-)

Laney.. i'm trying to shake it off.. i really am

Tracy.. I try ;-)