Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So i have been on dsl for a week today. Its so great... for 6+ years now i have only had dial up... what a HUGE difference. Then two nights ago we got those HUGE storms. we lost power her for like five hours.. which in Morris' defense is very odd for here in town. However in the midst of the storm my dsl went out.

So i figured that it was just due to the storm so i left it be. Last night it still was not up so i decided to just call att and go through their programs to get it fixed. Ended up on the phone for over three hours. 2 1\2 of which was spent listening to a guy who barely spoke English. And saying excuse me, what did you say, i don't understand what you want me to do!!! I mean i am TOTALLY the most un-prejudice person you will ever meet. And I'm all for people from different countries having jobs.... HOWEVER... do not put those people in a public oriented job where they are speaking very quietly and technically in a manner that can NOT be understood!!! Sigh... okay I'm done now. so it ended up being that something was wrong with my modem.

Thats right the one i got not even a week ago!!! so they sent someone to come today and fix it. And boy did they ever. Talk about one hot hunk of meat you would love to sink your teeth into!!! Now i know that I'm very deprived right now and so just about anything would probably send me over the top! I about fainted over a picture on the front of Men's magazine for gods sake!!! You would think i was not a grown woman the reaction I'm having!!...

So anyway back on topic.. sorry seem to be rambling today through this whole thing!!!Oh yea i haven't had my coffee.. made it set it to cool and never went back. See there i go again... SOO (ready girls) my door bell rings.. and there is this totally hot man standing out there... I'm sure i couldn't talk for a couple seconds so i hope he didn't notice... who am i kidding he did cause he said "Um.. I'm with att to fix your dsl" or maybee the um was cause he was so taken with MY beuty.. lol.. right... Then i led him back to my bed room.. heheheheh (evil giggle) where my computer hookups and laptop were at. So he does his stuff and goes to the truck to get the new router.. in the mean time I'm trying to breath and not giggle while hes gone... feeling like I'm all of 10 right now..... so i quickly try to call my neighbor Ms. Independent just figuring if I could say to someone "OH MY GOD THERE IS A totally HOT PHONE GUY IN MY HOUSE " it would somehow make it better... alas she was not home and i had no time to call anyone else.. and then he asked a question about my router... and i mentioned that no it was not running through it because i could not get it to work... and then he looks at me and says well I've got a few minutes.. let me try to help.

now any of you out there reading this who have been or are going through what I'm going through and also have a Mr. could-have-been know that I'm totally just like a little puddle in side of myself right now.. saying come on stay cool.. lol.. so he starts doing this totally hot computer guy thing clicking and typing with those great fingers (even if he was a two finger typer.. i mean really who needs more than two fingers anyway.. i mean (cough cough).. sorry) and goes there lets try it now.. and voila.. i'm now sitting in my living room with Allyse and Fred playing on the floor blissfully un aware of the thoughts running through their mothers head right now!!! AHHH.. wireless is great... well at least till the next storm anyway.

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Diane said...

Anyone who know me well, knows about my fascination with my twin phone tech twins. So, I really appreciate fineness in mobile techno providers. Glad you had a good experience as well, and hope the wireless is all you'd like it to be.