Friday, June 29, 2007

a bad poem... i know

So i like to post each day.. not that it always happens!! but here it is.. i'm a horible poet and only a couple times in my life have i ever even gotten the urge to write a very bad poem!! i know.. thank god... but here is one to mr. could-have-been.. warning--- its bad

No one knows who i am
no one knows how i feel
so diferent on the inside
these thoughts inside of me

I am free to be
whatever i want to be
free to see and do
whatever i see fit to do

i can be who i am
not who you want me to be
I'm a woman and can be
making decisions for me

See who i want
say what i want
be what i want
do what i want

i always tried to please you
be exactly what i should
i did everything right
and yet here i am

I did all i could
not perfect i know
but never did i ever
do the things youve done

I am free now
free as a bird to fly
so why must you try
to still hold me down

i will not fall
you cant hurt me anymore
i will pick myself up
i'm stronger than you know

i'm going to be happy
its going to be great
i know its hard now
but i can see how great it will be


Anonymous said...

that was very good and well said!

Tracy said...

I'm glad that you shared it! I think it's great and you said what everyone wants to say at some point in their lives! Good job!