Sunday, July 1, 2007

The moments......

This year has definitely been one of change for me... and its only 1/2 over! But with it all comes the good that can only be achieved through change as well. But there are some things I'll miss.

Tonight I was taking the kids to fireworks. Fred had an idea of what they were but Freida looked at me like what are you talking about? so i explained to them some what what they were, and what would happen. Freida was a little concerned since her new thing is to say that all sounds are "too loud mommy!". So i put them down for a late nap (since they are early to bed-ers) and we went. I sat there watching the awe on their tiny faces and was so overcome with what has passed in the short time they have been here. And yet i can hardly remember my life without them.

I love these young years. the ones where you can just see all the info that you give them being sucked up like a new sponge. I also love the way that they don't remember from one year to the next things like... fireworks. Every year its like they are experiencing something brand new. that excitement that will soon I'm sure wear off. When it will be.. Mom... do i have to go.... i would rather stay home and talk to my friends!

I just sat and watched them tonight. I realize more than ever how each moment needs to be sealed in an envelope in my head cause life changes so fast. The awe at the colors. The realization that she didn't have to cover her ears the whole time. The way they run, or throw a ball... all of this too shall pass. the good and the bad.... the tantrums, the hand holding, the screaming, the snuggling. So sad to see it going... well okay.. sad to see MOST of it going. ;-)


Tracy said...

All of that is so true! I've had to come face to face with this myself as my oldest daughter, who since birth has been the "people pleaser" out of the three of them, is now arguing with me and just yesterday she rolled her eyes at me. I miss the agreeable little squirt who thought I hung the moon!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. It goes from 'I love you's' and squishy morning kisses to 'Whatever mom' and 'Why do you get to act like the queen!?'


But you are does pass way to quickly.

Diane said...

Here's the good news... Even though it does end for a time and you go to bed sometimes wondering who invaded their bodies, it does come back. You get to be a grown up with grown up kids who turn out to be your grown up best friends. It is worth wadding thru: the good, the bad and the muddy!!