Monday, July 23, 2007

Random thoughts

Okay so here are some random thoughts for today....

I decided to splurge and get the kids happy meals for dinner.... Since when do happy meal toys have to be assembled!!!

I am big on table maners and am a stickler for chewing with your mouth closed.... ( i mean gross.. CLOSE ITT) so while eating dinner i told my son to close his mouth while he chewed... he looked at me and full of 10 yr old attitude said "Theres NOTHING in my mouth mommy!! and then chomped his teeth together twice while showing me how he made the noise with no food.

Why are frogs Lucky?? ...............................They get to eat whats bugging them!

Why did the elephants get arrested at the beach??.................. They kept droping their trunks!

Why is there a comercial for tampons on Noggin.. okay its after 4.. its now considered "the N" But still.

Grrr.. my nuckles look like I beat someone up... dam Patient charts anyway!

Is it still swearing if you spell it wrong?

Ugh.. I need to change the channel.. The N.. ewww.. Jesse McCartney is so full of himself.

Why is the Teamwork song from wonderpets going through my head right now?

Oh.. Um .... regarding yestrdays post... Loverboy says i should be carefull who i say that too.. so carefull... however MY response to that was.. "HEY.. I have NO qualms about doing it.. and if someoned does.. let my kids stay at THEIR house!"

Note to self.. if your 2 1/2 year old runs from babysiters house to your house "holding herself" then runs to the potty and comes out telling you she got some peepee on her pants shes sorry... check the floor too... and not 20 minutes later when your son is standing on the toilet because the floor is wet. ;-)

When did my kids get so big?? I swear they were just born!

Why is it i prefer a guy whos a little larger... but still am mesmerized by washbord abs??

Should i really tell Freida.. "Leave that sticker on .. its her mermaid bra."

I sooo did not think this attitude would apear out of nowhere at age 4.. I thought i had a few years before i'd have to think about how to nip it in the but.

I love loverboys ambition to work.. and slow is good.. but I wish I could see him more.

lipsticks should have a warning label that reads "WARNING>..... Color may appear different than appears on model if you have a different colored complexion, or hair color, or blush color.. etc"

You know what.. all you readers are big girls. I'm going to call him Dick instead of Richard.

How the FUCK did Dicks sun glasses just come out of the kids bed room??? I mean they brought them out (the kids that is) ... But how did they get IN here??

How many times do i have to put Fred in his bed to get him to stay there??

How many days of putting him back in his bed again and again and again will it take for him to get the hint?

Well.. hope you enjoyed your thoughts for tonight... if you have answers to any above questions please feel free to answer!

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Tracy said...

I don't get the tampon commercials either. I was mortified when I walked into the room the other day and Noggin had switched to N without my knowledge and there were two girls talking about making out with their boyfriends. Try explaining all of that with no preparation to your 7 and 5 year old daughters. I hate N!
I'm glad to be back. I sure missed you! And those were quite some interesting ramblings!