Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No body puts baby in a corner.

So tonight mr. Could-have-been picked up the kids and said he needed to tell me something.. (okay here is me mentally bracing for a fight) and he said that he told me he would so he wanted me to know that he was seing someone. I replied.. Good for you, i never asked to know that.. I wanted to know when you introduced some girl to MY kids. He just looked at me and i went.. so they are meeting her tonight? he said well she is coming with us yes... But they have already met her... and i went postal... i asked him the other day and he told me no they had not met anyone and would tell me before they did. At 4 and 2 1/2 you know there will be questions... i wanted to be able to try and answer them.

Now it turns out of all the people for him to introduce my kids to it just happens to be one of Ms. Independants kids moms (she babysits). Who just happened to meet somewhere.. a bar i'm sure. But you know what whatever. i went to Ms. Independants house and was telling her when my phone rings. of course its him and he is going off about how he doesnt want any f***ing s*it started and no fights with anyone... and again i lost it. I have NEVER EVER done anyhting i said... if i wanted to know who the girls were he was screwing around with when we WERE married i could ask people and find out.. but did i? NO. did i smack him when i found out? NO> although i should have. Did i go beat her up? NO. Where does he get off!!

You know what though.... honestly.... what bothers me the most is NOT that he is with someone. Honestly its not... i know he was with people when we were together... more than once. Emotionally AND physically. I am soooo over that. What kills me is that he is going to have some chick meet MY kids.. MINE.... like what he is going to marie her and be with her always? right. Then again maybe they will... she could have been with him all along. i never asked the names of who he was talking to or messing with. But the thought of some other woman having her hands on my kids kills me. And you know... Screw with me all you want... but DO NOT screw with my kids!!! How is this going to mess with there little heads?? I'm so aggravated. and you may not believe me but its not cause of her... its because he would even THINK of bringing another woman into there lives at THIS point. Men................................


Tracy said...

I would totally be pissed too. When my husband and I talk about something as stupid as remarrying after death I get pissed at the idea of some other woman around my kid so I can only imagine what this is doing to you.
And you're right, you should have slapped him!

Jenster said...

Jeez, Pokey. I don't even know what to say. I have no doubt I'd feel the same way as you in this position - especially because your kids are so young.

It sounds like you're MUCH better off without him, but there's still tons of crap to deal with, isn't there?

Wish I could make it all better for you. :o(

Pokey Puppy said...

Thanks guys.. you are so sweet. Better tonight.... and yes jenster.. i do beleive that with how hard it is at times.. I am truly better without him. Deep in my soul with every fiber of my being i beleive that

Rodrigo said...
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