Monday, July 2, 2007

Goody-Goody gum drops

Yes thats right.. i was always the goody two shoes in high school... okay my whole life... like the hugest ever known to man! I even make myself sick looking back.. lets see............................

My freshman year of high school my friends were talking and someone said "Jack daniels" and I said whos that? no seriously... i thought it was a person!

my first kiss was when i was 16.. i know again.. how is that possible!

I never snuck out of my house.. okay only once and i was to little to be held accountable for that one.. see my sister!

I am known as the Holy Child in my family

I often bring my own coasters to gatherings for my cup... (okay not really but somehow there is often one stuck to my cup unknowingly!!)

I have never tried drugs.. the illegal kind

I wasnt in trouble much as a child cause i didnt want to get a spanking

I know.. its sick.. I mean seriously.. i was the definition of what you hope your daughter will not do/know ... but looking back.. sigh.. i could have had so much fun!!

P.S. Check out my new blog rolled friend. Pieces of my heart.. shes just starting out but has alot to say.


Anonymous said...


NO comment!

Tracy said...

I can only hope that my daughters are as good as you were!

My Minivan Is Faster Than Yours said...

Pleeeaaasssseee raise my daughter for me? When she's old enough to start asking questions, I'm gonna have lots of splainin' to do!

Pokey Puppy said...

lol.. sorry ladies... i have my hands full here... and trust me.. i'm sure just cause i WAS one doesnt mean i can RAISE one!!