Monday, July 30, 2007

How to be a parent...

well it wasn't bad.. i know i know you all told me it wouldn't be. I just figured.. how is someone going to tell me how to take care of my children?? they are MINE. But it was info (as i expected on how to keep the children first in a divorce.. about what not to do in front of them, and warning signs to get them help. It was all pretty common sense i think.. And i think its good they make people do it. Starting Jan 2007 it is mandatory in Illinois to take the class if you have children under 28 and are getting divorced or going through custody issues. Well it wasn't 1000 words as requested but there you go... How to be a better parent in a sucky situation. I do however think it would be more beneficial if you kids were slightly older or if you and your x are having big problems. But hey .. it was just three hours (we got done an hour early) that I'm sure will benefit some child somewhere.

I picked the kids up on Sunday from Dicks house.. sorry Dicks Dads house.... and went to gigis house to get some items i had left there. I had worn a halter top and strapless bra to the family get together earlier that day. I did however forget that the plastic on the bra reacts bad to my skin when it gets hot and sweaty.. so i went running into her house screaming undo my bra.. undo my bra!! went into the bedroom and put on a different bra and a tshirt. I walked out and Fred said to me "Oh mommy.. you look very pretty in your new dress (ie shirt)" I about melted into a puddle... and yes i did give him a pony for it.. it was imaginary but i figure hes to young to know that we don't have room for a real one!!

P.S. thank you all for your comments on "It's okay to remember" there were so many touching ones that made me cry again and again i couldnt thank you all or return commment to you.


Anonymous said...

Glad your classes went good!

And awwwwwwww. Bugga is soooo the bestest most sweetest nephew ever.

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

Imaginary pony? LOVE IT!!