Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Most boring blog ever!

Okay so I've been sitting here in front of the computer for 10 minutes now. Three minutes ago I got up and got a handful of peanut MM's .. it didn't give me any inspiration.... But they were still good to eat!! I must have writers block. Good thing i don't do this for a living. Just for all of you to come read... which is just as important to me... so lets see.....

My son is having one of those days.. one of the "I know everything so obviously i DON'T have to listen to you" days. Much to my chagrin of course. So naturally by this time of the day I have raised my voice a few times and my patience is getting thin. After telling my son "NO.. do NOT go down the hallway.. your sister is sleeping." And then him proceeding to go down there anyway. I sat waiting for him to come back here so i could reprimand him choosing to wait so i didn't wake Freida up. Then he comes out and he bets in trouble. he then goes out to the porch and I hear him mumbling under his breath. Then i hear hims Say.. mommy i don't love you anymore cause you are being grumpy. He then proceeds to walk over and tell me.. "Mommy.. you should not be grumpy to me.. it's not nice!"

Excuse me?? did someone just shake the universe like a snow globe?? Who here is the parent and who the child?? Which of us is four and which is well.. twenty something...?? I did a double take.. took a deep breath... then said "Fred.... Mommy is not being grumpy... YOU need to listen and then you will not get into trouble! Now if you have any other questions take a quarter and call someone who cares!!!!!" Okay okay.. the last part wasn't in there.. but come on seriously.. when did he get old enough to think he could say things like that???

Geesh... well except for that my day off was pretty good. Well a day off in some sense i guess... since it was a day off from my day job.. but you never get a day off from your all the time job.. you know.. mommy. But that's okay. Lover boy came down and met me for lunch today. Was nice to see him... been a few days. Hes working allot right now helping out with his dads company.

Trying DESPERATELY to figure out a way to get my kids to stay in their room... they get up and don't wake me.. and I don't hear them! I came out today and they were watching TV..which would be fine.. but they got out the chocolate syrup and apparently decided to cook something in cups with spoons. Which then dripped chocolate on my carpet!!! i used oxy clean and got most of it out at least... and they gave the cat orange juice and a straw in his water dish. Guess Apollo did not like it cause it was still full. I cant lock their door, I cant flip the knob, i cant use a baby gate since they can climb it.... about at my wits end since they got up at FIVE FRIGGING AM today!! guh.. don't know what I'm going to do.

Well now that you have read the most boring blog ever!! I bet you are glad to be done reading about my incredibly boring day!! Sorry... dang writers block anyway............


Gigi said...

i find drugs and duck tape work really well on keeping the kids in bed at
Keep doing what your doing Red...remember your the mom and you are the boss of them....(i love it when my kids say your not the boss of me...wanna bet???

Jenster said...

Check out Tuesday's post at "Life is Just So Daily".

Kids are something else, aren't they? They're always going through some type of testing phase.

My famous phrase for the kids was always "Squirt some tears, punk." You know, when they're in trouble and you're scolding them and they're not crying but you want them to feel so bad about what they did that they cry, but they never do? Yeah. Maybe not when they were as young as yours, though. lol

My Minivan Is Faster Than Yours said...

I wasn't the least bit bored reading your blog! More like terrified at the thought of the day my kids leave their cribs (when they're TEN!).