Saturday, July 21, 2007


Before this blog begins ... drum roll please... Please scroll down to the bottom of the page... TH ATS RIGHT PEOPLE.... I'M A THOUSANDARE!!!!!...... ((cough, cough))... sorry.. better now.. but seriously.. thank you all.


I had a family gathering today. My moms side of the family does not gather for Christmas anymore.. everyone has allot going on , kids are grown, and my grandparents are in Arizona. So in lieu of trying to get together and missing people... we just do a large gathering each summer. Sometimes even twice. And there is no pressure of getting dressed up, or giving gifts. Its really actually quite nice. I was a little leery of today. Not many of them knew about Richard and I splitting up. (that's right... Dick was the chosen name.. hehe) My grandma did not feel it was her place to tell anyone. Which was fine. Just made it awkward this far out. HOWEVER.. my suspicions were confirmed that chasing the highs.. (see right) is my cousin! Which i think rocks since it is one of my fav blogs... soooo funny. So we talked about that. And it helped some people know about Richard and I since shes been reading my blog. It was nice to have some people just offer compassion and understanding. But you know what... it was just nice to see my family. You realize as you get older how important it is to keep in touch with them. The problem with that is that by the time you realize this... most are older, grown, moved away.... makes it a little difficult.

There was something else funny that happened.... I found out that in my family.... About the same time Richard was thrown out by me... My cousin (not highs) left her boyfriend, my aunt left her husband, and my other aunt quit smoking... DO DOD DODOODODOOD.. that was supposed to be the Twilight Zone theme. Doesn't come out so well in type apparently. Anyways. I think its very odd that so many of us related had such huge things in our life occur simultaneously. Most of which had to do about the men in our lives who have been around for quite some time. And hey.. the decision to quit smoking is just as serious so i figured it should make the list... Way to go Ro Ro!! For that mater.. Way to go all of us women!! We are woman here us roar!! We refuse to be stepped on , used, abused or taken for granted!! And you know what... we are going to get it.

I hope everyone can lean in hug someone around you and support them.... Its not easy.. but its gonna be worth it girls.


Gigi said...

like i said before wonder twins power activate...form of a hug.............. i love yah red!!!

Gypsy Queen said...

Wonderful post! I enjoyed seeing you and your gorgeous little ones yesterday. It was a shame you had to leave so early. I'm glad we had the family gathering before I left and especially on such a beautiful day. I'm also glad that my identity was finally revealed. Talk to you soon!

My Minivan Is Faster Than Yours said...

Rock on, sister girl! Women POWER!

P.S. Thanks for the HILARIOUS comment you left on my blog today!

Tracy said...

Look at you and the women in your family Roar! It sounds like you all decided that it was time to look out for yourselves! I'm proud of all of ya!