Monday, July 16, 2007

Dahlilah goes under the Umbrelalalla

Okay so I've recently been introduced to LimeWire from Loverboy (previously known as Mr. No-Name-For-Now.. and yes i chose the name from Chasing the Highs... Running from the Lows's blog.. check her out shes hilarious!). Yes GiGi I know you told me about it first but he actually got me there so sorry.. he gets credit for it :-) Anyway.. I always go on and set my que with songs to play and am ADICTED. However.. this has gotten me thinking... Songs mean so much in lives. I bet any of you out there now could tell me a song and where you were when you heared it.. or your favorite memory of the song.... no mater if after the moment things went sour or HORIBLY sour.. that song memory still sticks with you... so heres mine...

of course it must start with Clint Black's "State of Mind" for the line "Aint it funny how a melody can bring back a memory" I mean how many of these songs does THAT bring to mind.

Marcy Plaground-"Sex N' Candy" -- siting in Chem Com class at Streator high while my big crush walked in

Alabama-"How do you know its Love"-- Being proposed too

Toby Keith--"Shoulda Been a Cowboy"-- My dad and my silly dance

Janet Jackson--"Nasty Boys"-- Ms. Jo and I driving in her car "Wilma"

En Vogue--"Don't let go"-- My best guy friend playing it for me before he left permenantly for Florida

Kelly Clarkson--"Where is your Heart"-- My song for the way i felt twords the end of my mariage

Grease--"Summer Lovin"-- Ms. Jo our highschool frind suzanne and I dancing like crazy in my living room before going to the high school musical

dalilah and Umbrela-- GiGi from this weekend ;-)

David Allen Coe--"You never even call me by my name"--I was like 10 and that weirdo drunk guy was trying to get me to dance with him (ewww... just threw up a little)

Mark McGuinn--"If the world was mine"-- The song I sang to Fred as a baby

Avril--"Ska8r Boy"--I know it was retarted dont ask

TLC-"I don't want no scrubs"-- I hated this song to death.. and yet everyone thought it was hilarious so would always play it!

Faith Hill--"Someone elses dream"--Siting in my cedar closet "private room"

Rascall Flats--"Stand"-- My power song on bad days lately

Okay well thats just a few.. but some of my strongest runers..... Feel free to steal the idea for your own!! I love hearing what songs are other peoples reminders


Jenster said...

I LOVE ska8er boy! LOL Every time I hear it I think of a sunny day and driving to the pool with the kids. That was the last really good summer we've had - totally lazy and fun. Next summer's gonna be that way and then I'll have a new song. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh the songs I could list....

Great post idea! So gonna steal it soon ;-)