Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So I've realized a great new outlet for any depression, anger, or hurt i feel. Cooking. I LOVE to cook. I've always known this and in fact thought multiple times of becoming a cook. But to really do what i wanted I would have had to move to a big city or even Europe... no that wouldn't have been bad... but Dick was there and it was all i saw.

I love to cook new things, different things, use different spices, try foods from different ethnicity's. But alas... Dick didn't like this or that, dint like that kind, or that ingredient. Slowly i slowed down with my love of cooking constantly. Then I went back to work and after being a sahm for three years. and going from that to being a working mom of two babies and a wife. needless to say i kept On core dinners in business!

I am having fun now though. I am currently making hard boiled eggs for egg salad, cooking a chicken for chicken curry salad with grapes and cooking a turkey tenderloin (you know like pork tenderloin... only.. um... not .. pork) asparagus and a great salad with lots of vegis and feta cheese. Yum-O i know. And hey... cooking like this sure beats the brownie incident yesterday... when Gigi and her kidos get here for dinner she better NOT throw it in the garbage anyway!!

So what happened to make me cook so much other than my sheer love of cooking?? Dick called... yup here goes... and states that on Aug. 6th he starts working Mon-Fri (instead of Mon-Thurs) so he will have the kids on his weekend and on the other when he used to get the kids on Thurs night he will come pick them up on two random (non set) days of his choosing at 7 pm and bring them back at 9.... now my kids are early to bed kids since they refuse to sleep in ... anyway.. i said.. why aren't you just picking them up on Fri night instead of Thurs then? and after alot of phony excuses it finally dawns on me. so I said.."Oh then you cant go out on Friday night huh?" And he says ugghh then i would only have like 1/2 day to get stuff done that i need too!! To which i replied SO DO I!! and hung up. for the record he would have one and 1/2 days.... he would only loose (if you can call being with your kids loosing time) Fri night and sat morning. Really pissed me off.

This coming weekend is also the one I was supposed to go with my mom and sis to Galena.. Thanks again dick!! They at least will be going and having a great time ............ wait maybe its next weekend... no its next weekend.. this weekend i get to go to a parenting class!! I'm soooo excited. I mean come on ... sitting in a room with a bunch of strangers who are getting divorced as well being told by an instructor how to be better parents... sounds like a blast... but alas it is required to get the divorce from Dick...

But hey.. I'm going to have some great food!!!


Lainey-Paney said... open minded about the parenting class. Just open yourself to taking away at least 2 things that you didn't already know, or see at least 2 things from a different perspective.

And the other...regarding the dick...I mean, "Dick"...what kind of loser a-hole doesn't want his kids every possible moment that he could see them? Especially if he is only getting them on an every-other-weekend would think that he wouldn't want to miss a minute of that.

Pokey Puppy said...

Lainey.. I TOTALLY agree... I know i would.. and for that matter was totally shocked by him doing this . I mean he wasnt good to me.. but he WAS a great dad. Was being the key word cause in my mind a good dad wants to see his kids.. not NOT have more time with them so he can go out drink and hore it up.. oh sorry... be with his girlfriend.

Wow.. didnt mean to go off again.

Gigi said...

thanks for dinner. you my friend are an awsome cook and an even better long as it doesnt involve peanut butter we are good...hurry with that wine!!

Tracy said...

Um, so I'm guessing that MY invite to dinner got lost in the mail right? I am going to start gaining all that weight back if you keep writing about food. Knock it off will you?
He does sound like such a dick. I can't imagine having to spend any time away from my kids, never mind choosing not to be with them. He'll regret it later in life.

Tracy said...

One last thing, I'm going to be expecting a two page paper written, no less than 1000 words, on your parenting class. We need to make sure that you learn they really make you take parenting classes to get divorced? Just because you're getting divorced doesn't mean you're a bad parent. It seems to me that they should make you take relationship classes instead. That's just my opinion though.

Pokey Puppy said...

LMAO... yea sorry.. no more food posts.. for a while anyway!! And as for the class.. i do beleive its about how to get along as parents when you are divorcing

Bee said...

You love to cook? Since I hate to cook and only do so when Husband Andy is dying of malnutrition cuz he's eaten a whole can (or 10) of peanuts in two days I'll know who to call! (er, blog?)
BTW, Galena is awesome (if it's the one in Illinois), I was there a few years back with HA. We went and had dinner at this FANCY hotel where the waitress looked at us weird when she brought the wine list and we gave it back to her and ordered cokes instead... We are so not wine-literate!