Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mission (nearly) Impossible.. Staring: Fred and Freida

well.. I've come to a solution for my kids getting up at five am.

First of all I should explain what goes on at this time of the morning.

One of them wakes up.. jumps out of bed before they could possibly fall back asleep... and wakes the other one up. After this they proced to leave their bedroom mission imposible style... and go to the kitchen... all of which is done in a manner that wouldnt wake up the lightest sleeping bull dog/guard dog ever..

Anyway.. my kids... prison stripe uniforms... mission impossible music playing.. break into the kitchen get their loot... then procede back to the bedroom (ie prison chamber) and close the door.

Then in true convict style they proced to hide there findings in drawers, under bed, in toy box.... most of it anyway.. if said finding is a tuperware container of frosted mini wheat.. it must stay in the middle of the room to be eaten.. oh i forgot to mention. Convicts can aparently not eat out of containers. So the mini wheats must be emtied out onto the floor............... bottom of the bag crumbs and all.

Then when they cant find any more good pieces they must ransack the entire room to find other hidden food.

So in other words.. when i woke up there were two new bricks of cheese, a tub of mini wheats, jar of grape jelly, jar of salsa, pudding cup and assorted plastic silverware in there room... oh yea and a empty fruit cup. Now thank god the salsa and jelly werenot opened... but some of the pudding did get on the new carpet in the apartment......

I am at wits end as i can not get this to stop.. and it has progresivly gotten worse till the morning in question above. SOOOOOO... as an alternative to duct taping my kids to their beds... when they were in bed asleap last night i fliped the door nob. Keep in mind it is a push button so i can get in in less than one second if i need too. And there are multiple fire alarms so they are in NO danger by doing this. But seriously.. SERIOUSLY.. duct tape was the only alterntative. It was kind of amusing to wake up this morning to two children who realized they could not go wherever they wanted to. I proceded to go in there room, sit them down, and tell them if they would stay in there beds or rooms till i came to get them Mommy would not have had to do this... and that since it was only 6 am it was time to get back into bed and go back to sleep.

Amen.. maybee my morning will not start on such a horible note, with needing so much cleaning, a horibly upset mommy, or misbehaving children. Wish me luck... although this time i might not need it! I have more than luck on my side right now... I've got a door lock!


Mrs. Jo said...

Bravo ....on the flipping the door lock...although I think that duct taping them to their beds was a great alternative..LOL...but if they learn how to bend a coat hanger...slip it under the door..and unlock it....then you have MacGyver kids on your hands!

Pokey Puppy said...

lmao.. I'll watch for that thanks... i mean.. as you know.. little hands aka monsters.. tend to reach under and slap the door

Bee said...

LOL! I remember when I was a wee little one and my two brothers and I would do exactly what your kids do... let them know that years from now they'll be begging to be able to sleep later.

Gypsy Queen said...

I am having a hard time recalling the 2 cutesy jokes you told while we were sitting outside on saturday. My boyfriend loves those kinds of jokes so if you remember them, can you post them for me? Thanks.

Gypsy Queen said...

Oh, btw all I could picture while reading your post was Fred looking up at you and saying "Mama I was making you breakfast" with Freida standing behind him smiling at you with her eyes while her litle butt hangs out of her pants. They just hasn't learned that a mixture of salsa, jelly, cheese and pudding doesn't sound tasty to everyone.

Pokey Puppy said...

Awww come on gypsy.. i KNOW that was your favorite sandwich as a kido! Bee-Unfortunatly for me I'm not sure they understand that yet

Tracy said...

I can just picture it all now. All they were missing was the music! I was laughing my ass off reading this one!
It's only a shame that you didn't think of the door lock one night sooner!